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TOKIO’s DASH Island adventure begins on September 16

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DASH Island is a small island TOKIO will try to transform into a home, it was announced on August 31, reports Chunichi Sports.


The preview for the new project was revealed on their September 2 episode of variety show “ザ!鉄腕!DASH!! (The! Tetsuwan! DASH!!)”, and will start on September 16.


It has been reported the five members first stepped onto DASH Island on August 29, which is a several-hour plane trip and boat trip from Tokyo.  The island covers about 0.45 square kilometres of land, and its highest peak is 174 metres above sea level.  A few hundred people had lived on the island decades ago, but it has been abandoned since 1965.


TOKIO had spent 11 years making DASH Village in Fukushima, right until last year’s Japan Earthquake and subsequent nuclear accident which had forced the team to evacuate from the area.  The area is part of a planned evacuation zone, which has made  it difficult for the five to even visit the village.


Instead, the members will use the skills they’ve learnt over the past 12 years to try and create a mini Japan on their island.

“I’m excited like a little kid being put in this environment which is just teeming with adventure.  There’s no running water, electricity, or area we could use as a base.  We’re really starting from nothing, and I wonder what kind of DASH Island this is going to become…I think we’ll get a lot out of this,” Tatsuya Yamaguchi said.


Taichi Kokubun, who explored the island’s coast, said he was excited to find traces of old life.

“I’ve found so many interesting places and things made by the people who used to live here.”


Masahiro Matsuoka, who went through the island’s forest, said he was confident there were enough resources to keep the group alive.

“The mountain is quite high and steep.  Around the base it’s like a jungle.  But there are a lot of things in the mountains and the sea that we might be able to eat so I think we’ll be alright.”


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