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ATARU is coming back

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SMAP leader Masahiro Nakai will be coming back with more ATARU for a special drama during New Year’s next year, it was announced on October 25, reports Mantan Web.

In the TV drama series ATARU, Nakai had played the lead character, a man with savant syndrome who has autistic disorders, but also shows moments of genius which aid police in solving seemingly impossible crime cases.

“I have mixed feelings.  For one I feel really excited to be able to work on the show again, but on the other hand I’m worried about whether I’ll be able to play a complex character like Chokozai (also called Ataru) again.  But I’m looking forward to filming it with everyone,” Nakai said.

It has been reported producers had decided to make a special drama after receiving numerous requests from fans.  The drama series had an average TV rating of 19.9%, and its best rating was 21.7%.

In the special episode, Chokozai’s younger brother Tasuke will play a suspect in a serial murder case.  Although Chokozai went home to New York at the end of the drama series, he will return to Japan to save his brother.  It has been reported Chokozai’s rival will also appear in the show, a character just like Chokozai, with savant syndrome, but who has also been trained by the FBI.

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