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Koichi Domoto records most cover appearances on MYOJO magazine

15:15 JST August 22, 2012 2 comments

Japanese teen magazine MYOJO has announced Johnny’s talent Koichi Domoto has been featured on their front cover the most times in the magazine’s 60 year history, it was announced on August 22, reports Mainichi Shimbun.


The magazine celebrates its 60th anniversary when it’s October issue goes on sale on August 23.  Since 1952 the magazine has published 721 issues.


It has been reported Koichi Domoto has been on the cover 31 times, including times he’s been on with KinKi Kids.  The other half of KinKi Kids, Tsuyoshi Domoto, and Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto made the list at second equal with 3o cover appearances.  Other Johnny’s talents who made the list include TOKIO’s Tomoya Nagase, Arashi’s Masaki Aiba and Kazunari Ninomiya who tied for fourth place with 29 appearances, and Masahiko Kondo and Arashi’s Satoshi Ohno and Sho Sakurai who tied for ninth place with 26 appearances.


SMAP’s Takuya Kimura has had the most number of pin ups inside the magazine, with his first being published in 1988’s September issue.  The SMAP member has even been doing a photo essay column for the magazine since 1995’s June issue.

“My best memory (with Myojo) is when…there are too many for me to be able to say,” Kimura said.


It has been reported Arashi are scheduled to appear on the milestone October issue, which will be 194 pages long and include profiles and messages of congratulations from 60 pop stars.

“Congratulations on your long life,” Ohno said.

“It’s honestly amazing!  It made me jump a little (laughs),” Ninomiya said.

“I hope I’ll be in the magazine when you celebrate your 100th birthday in 40 years,” Sakurai said.


Top cover appearance list:

1. Koichi Domoto (KinKi Kids) – 31 times

2. Tsuyoshi Domoto (KinKi Kids), Jun Matsumoto (Arashi) – 30 times

4. Hiromi Go, Toshihiko Tahara, Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO), Masaki Aiba (Arashi), Kazunari Ninomiya (Arashi) – 29 times

9. Masahiko Kondo, Satoshi Ohno (Arashi), Sho Sakurai (Arashi) – 26 times

MYOJO’s September issue (plan thanks to Myojo website)

Koichi Domoto to host new science TV show on NHK

14:57 JST July 24, 2012 3 comments

Koichi’s new show’s website (

堂本光一のNEWS LABO (Koichi Domoto’s NEWS LAB)” will feature Koichi and scientists bringing you the latest scientific breakthroughs, reports NHK.


The show will start on August 17 on NHK General TV, and will focus on science news and the latest in health breakthroughs, all brought to you by Koichi and his scientist co-stars.


Koichi’s comment has been uploaded to the show’s website:

“I hope to use the show as a way to make people aware of the interesting and funny things behind what most of us take for granted, or what we see as normal.  Once you watch this, you’ll see the things around you in an entirely different way!”

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Koichi Domoto is the best in Johnny’s according to his seniors

11:00 JST July 23, 2012 2 comments

Johnny’s senior talent Noriyuki Higashiyama told a popular TV show he thinks Koichi Domoto from KinKi Kids is the biggest perfectionist in Johnny’s, reports Techinsight Japan on July 21.


Higashiyama is currently 45-years-old, and is considered a perfectionist who has followed a strict training regime for the past 20 years.  During a talk on TV show “しゃべくり007 (Shabekuri 007)”, it has been reported Higashiyama said he has kept his body-fat percentage below 10 per cent all these years because he exercises daily.  This includes stretching and 1000 sit-ups every day.


Even so, when asked who he thought was the biggest perfectionist in Johnny’s, Higashiyama had said it would be Koichi, and that the KinKi Kids member was more dedicated to work than himself.


It has been reported Higashiyama said there was one time during the New Year’s Johnny’s concert when he went back to his dressing room thinking everything was alright, when Koichi came knocking at the door to ask him if the two could go through the songs one more time.  Higashiyama also said Koichi’s “SHOCK” stage show was perfect, and admired Koichi for being able to “keep it up for four months on that show, usually your weight drops four or five kilos from doing a show for that long.”


Another Johnny’s talent who had been on the same TV show, TOKIO’s Masahiro Matsuoka also said Koichi was the most professional talent in Johnny’s, and the best junior to him.


It has been reported Koichi has been playing the main role in the stage show “SHOCK” for the past 13 years.  It could be because he was given such an important role at the young age of 21 that he learned about responsibility more than others.

“JOHNNY’S World” stage show to be biggest Johnny’s-produced show yet

11:12 JST March 23, 2012 1 comment

Hey! Say! JUMP, Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z, Koichi Domoto (KinKi Kids), Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey & Tsubasa), Kazuya Kamenashi (KAT-TUN) are among the 100 cast members to be in the largest Johnny’s stage show starting in November, reports Sponichi Annex and Daily Sports Online.


It has been reported Guinness World Record-holding producer Johnny Kitagawa is making his largest show yet to celebrate his records for producing the most number of concerts and most number of No.1 singles in the world.


Set to be performed in Tokyo’s Imperial Garden Theater in November and December this year, “JOHNNY’S World” will feature Hey! Say! JUMP as the main characters.  They will be supported by other younger Johnny’s groups, as well as supporting talents including Koichi, Tackey, and Kamenashi.  The story looks at youngsters going on an adventure to find a utopia in outer space, but in the process they realise how special their home on Earth is.

“I want the younger juniors to take on what their seniors have already accomplished.  Maybe we’ll need Higashi (Noriyuki Higashiyama) to give them some advice,” Mr Kitagawa said.


Members from Kis-My-Ft2 will take turns every day as they also join the 100 or so Johnny’s talent cast.  Mostly all of the younger Johnny’s groups will take part in what is set to be the largest Johnny’s production to date.


Mr Kitagawa has said the show will feature a mash up of things seen in past stage shows like “PLAYZONE”, “SHOCK”, and “DREAM BOYS”.  These include flying stunts and water fountain sets.

“3D is in fashion right now, but I’m keen to test ‘4D’ fragrance tricks,” he said.


It has been reported Mr Kitagawa has promised every minute of the show will be exciting, and although he has plans to send the show overseas, he wants to start in Japan, the country where he managed to set his two world records.

Tsuyoshi Domoto hopes new movie can heal the hearts of the Tohoku earthquake victims

16:42 JST February 21, 2012 2 comments

Heianyuki movie, starring Tsuyoshi Domoto (photo thanks to movie website)

One of Tsuyoshi Domoto’s concerts has been turned into a movie, and the KinKi Kids star turned up to an event in Tokyo yesterday to promote it, reports Daily Sports Online and Kadogawa magazines.


Titled “平安結祈 heianyuki“, the movie shows Tsuyoshi’s solo concert performance on September 4, 2011, which was held at Heian-jingu, a shrine in Kyoto.  It has been reported for the past few years, Tsuyoshi has been focussing on making music which looks deep into the Japanese culture.  He had previously performed special concerts at Yakushi-ji, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in his hometown Nara.


The Heian-jingu concert included laser beams that light up the shrine’s 117-year-old structure, and a mixture of Japanese taiko drums and electric guitar music.  Film director Yukihiko Tsutsumi took on the challenge of making this mash up of the past and present cinematic.


Tsuyoshi and Tsutsumi had previously worked together 14 years ago when they made a “Kindaichi Case Files” movie.


However, Tsuyoshi did not expect the concert to become a movie at all.

“What I wanted to do was make music unlike any other and have someone film me to keep as a record that I was there at that time.  I was worried about whether Tsutsumi-san was busy, but I got in touch with him anyway to see if he was interested.  Then he said he would, so at that point I knew I had someone to capture the moment on film.

“Afterwards, I was telling him how great it would be if it were a movie, and he told me, ‘I did film it like I’d film a movie’.  That’s just how things flowed apparently, really (laughs).  And then shortly afterwards it really did become a movie.  It’s not that I asked him to film me for a movie.  At the beginning the two of us just wanted to make something with a message.  But this (movie) made me realise that fate is a strange thing.”


The movie was originally set for a limited screening in 65 cinemas across Japan, but following the Tohoku earthquake, extra screenings were added in Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate, and Okinawa.  It has been reported Tsuyoshi said he hopes the hearts of the Tohoku earthquake victims will heal.

“I think people, particularly those who are younger than me, will have to face the harshness of reality soon.  To be able to overcome this, I think it’s important to get away from reality entirely, create a world of your own, and then have another look at reality.  This film is like a concert and not a concert, it’s like a movie and not a movie.  It’s like reality and not like reality.”


There have also been offers from a number of Asian countries interested in Tsuyoshi’s movie.


“平安結祈 heianyuki” will have a limited screening in Japan from February 24 to March 11.

KinKi Kids take on responsible and fresh image in new commercial

19:00 JST January 25, 2012 2 comments

Koichi Domoto screenshot from commercial

Tsuyoshi Domoto screenshot from commercial

KinKi Kids have joined actress Yukie Nakama and actor Masakazu Tamura in endorsing Sapporo beer, reports Oricon.


The duo took part in Sapporo Beer’s “麦とホップ (Mugi to Hoppu)” commercial event in Tokyo on January 25.  The ad features the “responsible Tsuyoshi Domoto” and the “fresh Koichi Domoto”.

“I don’t think I look ‘fresh’ anymore, but I’m happy to hear that some people think so.  Mind you, there are probably a lot of people who don’t think so,” Koichi said.

“The number one reason why I got into Johnny’s was because I was responsible,” Tsuyoshi said, making the press laugh.


It has been reported the two said they were fans of Tamura and Nakama, and the Sapporo beer commercials these two had already starred in until now.

“I’d watched them a number of times so it was like, ‘me? really!?’  I was really happy,” Koichi said.

“For a moment I thought I was dreaming,” Tsuyoshi said.


The two had said they hoped to add some excitement to the company, and help boost sales.


During the event, Koichi talked about how he usually drinks at home.

“The great thing is that I’ve been given a lot of ‘Mugi to Hoppu’ beer to drink at night.  Snacks?  I have some Baby Star snacks with my beer, and also a hot steam boat meal.”


Tsuyoshi said he was enjoying his beer present too.

“When I drink beer after work, it tastes so good it’s like the beer’s telling me it’s a reward for a hard day’s work.  I guess I’ll be supported by ‘Mugi to Hoppu’ a lot this year.”


To see the commercial, click here.

KinKi Kids in their new commercial

KinKi Kids get 32nd consecutive No.1 with song written by AKB48 producer

17:17 JST January 17, 2012 1 comment

KinKi Kids have set a new world record for the most number of  No.1 singles in a row since their debut, reports Oricon.


The duo’s 32nd single “変わったかたちの石 (Kawatta Katachi no Ishi)” was released on January 11.  Since then, it has sold more than 120,000 copies in its first week and made it to No.1 on the weekly charts in Japan.


The lyrics for the single were written by Yasushi Akimoto, the man behind girl band AKB48.  Of course, this was not the first time Akimoto has worked with KinKi Kids.  The two had worked together in 2005 when Akimoto wrote the lyrics to the duo’s 22nd single “SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!”


Every single KinKi Kids has released since “硝子の少年 (Glass no Shonen)” in 1997 has been a No.1 seller.  The second best-sellers after KinKi Kids are KAT-TUN, who have had 17 straight No.1 singles to date.

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