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Report: NEWS event

16:03 JST August 29, 2012 3 comments

Report: NEWS event

Where: Tokyo

When: Afternoon, August 21, 2012


Here’s a brief report about when I went to the NEWS event last week.  Sorry for the delay, I’ve been wondering whether it was alright or not to report about it, but seeing that they’re all over now in Tokyo and Osaka, I’m releasing this now and hoping for the best!

The fans in my time slot probably endured the weather elements more than anyone else because it was midday, sunny, 35C, and humid.  That and there was hardly any shelter.  Good thing I brought my sunglasses, sunscreen, fan, sweat wipes, and water.  I had gotten there about two hours before the event was scheduled to start and passed time talking to the fans around me.  These included two Koyama fans, one of who was wearing a checkered top in all the NEWS colours, a Tegoshi fan wearing an awesome skull T-shirt and pink jeans, and me in a yellow summer dress and military boots.


An hour before the event was scheduled to start, the staff started letting fans inside.  My new friends and I ended up in the second row.

The first floor of the venue was filled up with fans standing, and the second floor had seats for families with small children.  A bed-ridden fan was invited to the 1.5 metre space separating the first row of fans and the stage so she could get a good view (lucky!).  I think there were about 1000 fans in the venue.

A large screen behind the stage had the words “集まれチャンカパーナ !(Gather round Chankapana!)”, and the Chankapana music video was played 3 times.

Everyone laughed or screamed in the same places – all chatting about why the little girl would change channels when four amazing guys were on TV, when Koyama lifts his shirt a bit, and a big laugh when Koyama says “美しい恋にするよ (Utsukushii koi ni suruyo)” with his hand held up.


When the event started, a video mix of the Chankapana video was played and Shige walked on stage.  After Shige signaled for the others, they eventually walked on stage side by side, walked across the stage, and disappeared behind the curtains again.  Eventually they came out again, riding one of those platform trolleys.

Shige: Thanks for buying the box set!

Massu: Box!  Box! (making an X sign using his arms and jumping around)


Which fan traveled the furthest?

One of the first questions NEWS asked the crowd, was who had traveled the furthest to get here today?

Koyama: Don’t lie.  If you lie you’ll be punished.  We’ll make you run home.

The furthest I could hear were from Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Men in the crowd

The group were happy to see men in the crowd, and started talking to a fan who had the same hairstyle as Massu.

Koyama: Have you ever been surrounded by so many ladies?  Lucky!



The topic changed to how Massu asks his hairdresser to do his hair (on this day it was blond, with red streaks underneath)

Massu: Charai, please.  Shige, what did you say to your hairdresser to get that bosa-bosa (messy) look?

Shige: Ero-ku, please.

NEWS ask Massu whether he’s going to play a doctor with his blond hair.

Massu: Knife please! (makes a dancer-like pose)


Koyama’s hand

Koyama: That music video you were watching while waiting.  I know you were laughing when my speaking part came up!  I could see you!

Crowd: Kawaii!


Quiz time

The guys played a NEWS quiz game, where they were seated at one side of the stage.  When they knew the answer to the question, they had to run to the buzzer on the opposite side of the stage.

Here are some bits:

Q: Name four NEWS songs with titles in katakana.

Massu and Shige dashed to the buzzer, with Massu falling over.

Winner: Shige

Q: How many times does the word “chankapana” appear in the song Chankapana?

They all crowded around the buzzer, and had a ‘huh?’ look on their face while counting with their fingers.

Massu: 5?

Koyama: 15?

Shige: 16

Masuda: None!

Tegoshi: 16, no wait! (he realised Shige had already said that)

Koyama: 18!

Winner: Koyama

Q: Song intro quiz 

first song played: Cherish (winner: Tegoshi)

second song: Party Time (winner: Shige.  It took a long long time for someone to get it right)

third song: Fly Again (winner: Tegoshi)

fourth song: Fiesta (winner: Tegoshi)

Q: Who’s the best at teoshi-sumo (standing sumo, try to push the other person so they lose balance)?

Everyone was expecting Massu, arm wrestling winner, to win.

Massu vs Tegoshi.  Tegoshi won

Koyama vs Shige. Koyama won

Final. Koyama vs Tegoshi. Koyama wins



All the fans were given a lottery ticket, and the NEWS members picked out random numbers.  Prizes included 5 chankapana stickers, 5 chankapana posters, one polaroid from Music Station personally signed by Tegoshi, and one personally signed chankapana poster from all members, plus personally put name in by Koyama.

It was a surprise because the winners of the signed polaroid and poster were called Mayumi!

Tegoshi shouted out to the polaroid winner, asking her how she wanted her name written.

Tegoshi: Mayumi-san?  Mayumi-chan?  Mayumi-pana?  Mayu-ndol?

Winner: All of them!

Tegoshi: All of them?  There won’t be any photo left, it’ll turn black.

Tegoshi signed the polaroid with “好きだぜ (suki-daze)”.


Fan Q&A

Each member chose someone in the crowd to ask a question.

Shige’s Q (young boy): Do you like Sapporo?

Shige: Yes!  Did you come from Sapporo?  Thank you

Massu’s Q (young girl, really shy, mother ended up asking her question for her): What is your favourite colour?

Shige: The clothes I buy tend to be black, green, and blue

Massu: I like black, yellow, and red.

Tegoshi: I like black, pink, and sparkly

Koyama: I like red and purple.

The talk went on with the guys saying they either liked their NEWS colour before it was given to them, or just grew into loving it.  Koyama remembered when his image colour was a kind of light orange before it was changed to purple.

Koyama: There aren’t many people wearing purple.  But you usually don’t see many purple clothes either.

Tegoshi: I heard that purple makes a woman’s skin look more radiant.

Koyama: Really?  Then can you all please wear purple and make me happy

Tegoshi’s Q (man): Will there be another Tokyo concert?

Tegoshi: It depends.  We honestly don’t know anything right now, but if you can say enough about wanting one, there could be one.

Koyama’s Q (girl): Did you know there are parody versions of Chankapana for each member?  Koyama, yours was the first.

Sings verse and chorus of Koyama parody.  The microphone was acting up, so it was hard to hear in some places 😦

Koyama: send the others to my radio show!  Then maybe we can introduce them when each member comes!


SONG performance: Full Swing


Shaking hands

We got told the boys weren’t supposed to do this, it wasn’t in the original schedule, but they really pushed for it (awww).

They jumped off the stage, and fans shook their hands as they passed to get out of the hall.

Shige:  You have to look us in the eye, it’s a waste if you don’t!  Some fans just look down and pass by.

They really rushed us through it, with lots of staff members sending fans past the boys.

The order was Massu, Shige, Koyama, and finally Tegoshi.

Massu has the most cutest smile ever.  I said “大好きです! (I love you!)” and he gave me a big smile.

Shige looked really cool, his eyes are really big.

Koyama was so close, he kind of bowed down partially like he was saying thank you for coming, but it was so close, especially when you’re looking him in the eye!

Tegoshi had the sweetest smile, and he looks gorgeous, great way to finish!

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*Update* Saori Yoshida gets her hug from Massu

09:56 JST August 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Three-time Olympic gold medal winner Saori Yoshida will get her hug from Takahisa Masuda, and it will all be on TV this Wednesday, reports News 24.


Yoshida had made a guest appearance on music TV show 1番ソングSHOW (1-ban SONG SHOW) in July, where she said she was a big fan of the NEWS member.  Masuda had sent Yoshida a video message, wishing her the best at the Olympics, and he agreed to make any wish she had come true if she won gold at the London Olympics.  Yoshida had said she would love to get a hug from him.


Masuda and the 1-ban SONG SHOW‘s hosts set up a surprise for Yoshida, which will be aired in this week’s show on August 29.  It started when they called Yoshida for a meeting for a different TV show in a room with hidden cameras in place.  As Masuda and the show’s hosts wait for the right time, Masuda makes his move and comes into Yoshida’s room.  It has been reported Yoshida was shocked, but after Masuda had lead her to the music show’s studio, she got the hug she had been promised.


Keep an eye on this Wednesday’s 1番ソングSHOW (1-ban SONG SHOW).

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Shigeaki Kato going to support rugby match in Tokyo this Friday

16:50 JST August 27, 2012 2 comments

NEWS member Shigeaki Kato will be the kick off ball presenter at this Friday’s rugby match at the Chichibunomiya Rugby Field, reports Sponichi Annex.


Kato will hand the ball over to players at Japan Rugby’s Top League opening match between Suntory and NEC.


His group NEWS had transformed the rugby field into a concert venue for 30,000 fans a few weeks ago on August 14.  Kato will be representing the group on August 31 to say thank you for letting them use the venue.

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NEWS concert MC report: Fukuoka August 19

16:06 JST August 22, 2012 Leave a comment

No, I didn’t go (grr, work).

But going to yesterday’s NEWS event and talking to other NEWS fans got me up to date with a lot of things, and although I can’t reveal details about what happened in the event (if you’re really itching to know, try to direct message me on twitter) at least I can report about concerts!


I based this MC report on things I heard from fans yesterday and fan blogs.


NEWS LIVE TOUR 2012 ~美しい恋にするよ~

August 19, 2012

Marine Messe Fukuoka

Tegoshi’s hair episode (spoiler?)

Kato: Massu, are you going to play a doctor (in your drama) with that hair colour?

Masuda: We start shooting while we’re on tour so I’ll dye it black soon.

Koyama: Make it like your RESCUE hair.

Masuda: If I did go back to my RESCUE hair, there’s no way it would go with my stage outfits.

Koyama: When you are dyeing your hair back Tegoshi?

Tegoshi: I think I can announce it to all of you soon, but there’s a reason I can’t change it right now.  I can’t change it for the rest of the year.  I’ll be able to tell you about it soon!


“What were you doing yesterday?” episode

Tegoshi said he went to the rehearsal, and met up with his friends for dinner

Masuda said he wanted to go out for dinner as a group, but it ended up being him and Koyama

Kato said he had to record his radio show…

Tegoshi: I heard it!

Kato: No you didn’t!  Which station?

Tegoshi: NHK.

Kato: What did I say.

Tegoshi: You said, “hi, this is Shigeaki Kato”.

Kato: I say that at every show!   Tegoshi knew I had work, he said, “Shige!  I’m off to eat motsu-nabe.”  I ate fish ochazuke with our manager.


Matching ear phones episode

Kato: (Tegoshi) bought me earphones.

Koyama:  Earphones are in fashion in NEWS right now.  We’ve all got matching earphones.  Me and Massu had them first right.

Masuda: We liked the ones our choreographer had and went out and bought them.

Kato: Then Tegoshi was like, “I’m buying my own too!”  Then our (other) choreographer asked, “buy a pair for me too”.   He’s called Shige-san, so I thought why not and joined in with, “Shige wants some too”.

Tegoshi: I bought them for two Shige’s okay.  I ordered it on the spot (with my mobile).


DUET magazine cover episode

The group posed for an upcoming DUET magazine cover with the crowd in the background

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*Update* Saori Yoshida wins gold!

14:12 JST August 10, 2012 4 comments

Japan’s Saori Yoshida won the gold medal in the women’s 55kg freestyle wrestling today, and now she hopes NEWS’ Takahisa Masuda will keep his promise to her, reports Sports Navi.


Yoshida has won the gold medal in her category in every Olympics since Athens in 2004.


During an interview with Sports Navi, she said there was one thing she looked forward to doing other than more wrestling training.

“I want to meet Massu (laughs).  I’d like to get a hug from him, like he promised (on a show I was on before the Olympics).  I got the gold medal (laughs).  I read messages of support from NEWS fans on blogs, like, ‘one more win till you get that hug’, and I really think that helped me.”


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Massu promises to make wish come true for world champion athlete if she wins in London

13:55 JST July 27, 2012 4 comments

A two-time Olympic gold medalist and nine-time world champion wrestler said she would love to get a hug from Takahisa Masuda from NEWS / Tegomass if she wins again in London, and the Johnny’s talent said he would make it happen, reports MyNavi News.


Saori Yoshida had been a guest on the music show “1番ソングSHOW (Ichiban Song Show)” on July 25 and said she always listens to the song “ぼくらの空 (Bokura no Sora)” by Tegomass before a match.  The athlete had said she listens to the song before going onto the wrestling platform alone, and it motivates her to think, “Yes!  I can spread my wings and fly!”.


It has been reported a special video message was prepared for Yoshida by her favorite member, Massu.


In the video, Masuda had first off said he was happy Yoshida had chosen him over his Tegomass partner Yuya Tegoshi, and then wished her the best in London.

“I hope you can get that gold medal at the Olympics in London.  Good luck.”


Then, when a staff member asked Masuda whether he would make any wish Yoshida had come true if she does win the gold medal, he answered the question with a definite yes.

“I’d love a hug.  I’ll make sure I win,” Yoshida commented after watching the video.


While this might make a number of Tegomass fans jealous, hopefully they will be forgiving this time.  An athlete who is representing her country is getting the support and motivation she needs to get ready for her medal match from Masuda’s singing.  No musician could ask for anything better than that.  So, hopefully Tegomass fans will welcome Yoshida back to Japan with a big smile.

Massu commenting he was happy he is Yoshida’s favourite member. (He looks so happy – Momo)

Answer to “will you grant her any wish she has?” with a “YES!” (Yoshida looks so happy lah. I would be too!! – Momo)

Yoshida saying she’d like a hug from Massu (I hope that comes true – Momo)

Good luck Saori Yoshida!!! – Momo

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NEWS get 14th No.1 single

14:14 JST July 24, 2012 Leave a comment

The latest NEWS single “チャンカパーナ (Chankapana)” is the No.1 single of the week, selling more than 245,000 records, reports Oricon.


It is the first single the group has released since Tomohisa Yamashita and Ryo Nishikido had left the group in 2011.  The last single the six-member group had released was “Fighting Man” in November 2011, which sold 150,000 records.  This means the new single has sold almost 100k more records than the last.  It is also the group’s first single in three years to exceed sales of 200k in the first week since “恋のABO (Koi no ABO)” in April 2009.


NEWS have had 14 straight No.1 singles since their debut with “希望〜Yell〜 (Kibou ~Yell~)”.  They are third behind KinKi Kids and KAT-TUN, who hold the records for most consecutive No.1 singles since debut, with 32 and 18 No.1 singles respectively.


It has been reported NEWS leader Keiichiro Koyama said this No.1 had more meaning than some others.

“‘Chankapana’ is the result of what we have felt, and what all of our fans who have waited all this time for us have felt.  This is the greatest start.  I couldn’t help but cry when I heard the numbers.  I promise to return my thanks in my work.  I hope you will have a ‘美しい恋しましょう!(beautiful love)’ with us,” he said.


The four member NEWS are due to start their summer concert tour on August 14 in Tokyo before going around Kobe, Fukuoka, Niigata, Sendai, Hiroshima, and Sapporo.  It is their first national tour in three-and-a-half years.

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