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300 Johnny’s talents came together for Tackey & Tsubasa’s 10 year anniversary concert

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Tomohisa Yamashita, Hey! Say! JUMP, and Kis-My-Ft2 were among some of the Johnny’s talents at Tokyo Dome yesterday to celebrate Tackey & Tsubasa’s 10th anniversary, reports Sponichi Annex and Daily Sports Online.


It has been reported the duo’s concert was held in Tokyo Dome.  The last time they had a concert there was when they made their debut in 2002.

“I want to make this a special moment worthy of a 10 year anniversary,” Tsubasa Imai said.


To start with, both Imai and Hideaki Takizawa insisted the concert’s stage be a recreation of a historical Johnny’s stage set.  The stage design is identical to the one used in the first ever stadium concert tour by a Johnny’s group, Tanokin-Trio’s (Johnny’s senior talent Masahiko Kondo was a member), including a concert at Korakuen stadium, which was the Tokyo Dome of Tokyo until it was demolished in 1987.  More than 45,000 fans at yesterday’s concert were treated to a sight of the first Johnny’s stadium concert set, tweaked modern features like a 25-metre crane, 150 tons of water, 20,000 balloons, and motorbikes.


It has been reported for three hours, Imai and Takizawa sang more than 30 songs, and had guest appearances by more than 300 of their junior talents including Tomohisa Yamashita, Kis-My-Ft2, Hey! Say! JUMP, Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z, Kansai and Kanto Johnny’s Jr.  Takizawa had even tried some Kis-My-Ft2 stunts by showing off his own rollerskating skills when he performed WANNA BEEEE!!! with the group.


During one of the talks, the two talents talked about how grateful they were to be a duo group.  It has been reported Johnny’s president Johnny Kitagawa had originally planned for Takizawa to become a solo artist, but Takizawa fought back by saying he was more of  a team player and wanted Imai to be his partner.

“There have been times that Tsubasa and I have cried and laughed together.  I’m so happy you’re my team mate,” Takizawa said.

“I believe that Takizawa possesses the showbiz quality that our president wants.  I hope we can continue showing this Johnny’s spirit,” Imai said.

Tsubasa Imai will be a guest dancer on Burn The Floor

10:29 JST July 31, 2012 1 comment

Tsubasa Imai and Burn the Floor artistic director and choreographer Jason Gilkison (photo thanks to Burn the Floor website)

Dance production Burn the Floor will feature Tackey & Tsubasa’s Tsubasa Imai as their guest dancer on the Japan shows, it was announced on July 30, reports Sankei Sports.

It has been reported Tsubasa’s dancing talent has been recognized by many since he was a Johnny’s Jr. talent, and over the years the talent himself has taken the extra step to go to Spain and New York to learn more about the art.  Tsubasa is currently starring in the Johnny’s stage production of PLAYZONE in Tokyo.

On the show’s website, Tsubasa has released his comment.

“I feel extremely happy and deeply grateful for the chance to jump into a worldwide production like Burn the Floor.  I hope to give it everything I have so that I’ll not only live up to their expectations, but also use it as an opportunity to discover something new about myself.”

Burn the Floor will be performed at the Tokyu Theatre Orb in Shibuya, Tokyo, from December 5 to 9.  Tickets go on sale from September 15.

Fans banned from taking uchiwa to Tackey concerts?

15:28 JST July 30, 2012 3 comments

Fans have been left shocked by a move to ban uchiwas from Hideaki Takizawa’s summer concerts, reports Cyzowoman.


A must-have item at Johnny’s concerts is an uchiwa.  Fans can use uchiwa bought from a merchandise shop to show Johnny’s talents who they are a fan of, while homemade uchiwa give fans the chance to put in private messages such as “blow me a kiss” or “give me the peace sign”.


It has been reported fans going to Tackey’s SUMMER LOVE CONCERT 2012 show in Tokyo on July 26 got an email a week before, asking them to support Tackey with “only pompoms and penlights, please”.  Some fans had called the ticket office to ask whether it meant uchiwa were banned, and were told an “uchiwa ban” had not been stated.  But one fan painted a different picture.

“When I got to the concert venue, they were checking bags, and they asked anyone with an uchiwa to store it away.  Some fans managed to get through the checkpoint with their uchiwa, but when they took them out inside the hall, a staff member told them off.  There were arguments going on here and there, it was awkward at one point,” said one fan at the concert.


There are some Johnny’s groups who ask fans to keep uchiwas at a minimum, like TOKIO, because the group is considered to be more a band than a pop star group.  Another Johnny’s talent who asks fans to refrain from bringing uchiwa and penlights is Tsuyoshi Domoto, whose concerts are less like a typical pop star’s concerts.  But why would Tackey concerts, which fit into neither category, suddenly ban uchiwas?

“Apparently a lot of Johnny’s Jr. fans go to Tackey’s solo concerts or stage shows because he has talents like Snow Man dancing behind him.  Some junior fans are really dedicated so sometimes it looks like the number of uchiwas for junior talents outnumbers those for Tackey…  Maybe they’re banning uchiwa to avoid this kind of sad situation.

“There’s also talk that maybe the ban is a strategic move to get ready for Tackey’s 10th anniversary concert tour with Tsubasa Imai, which starts in September.  The duo are going to perform in Tokyo Dome, but I don’t think the two have enough fans to fill up that huge venue.  Other fan club fans have apparently been sent information on this concert because it’ll have guests like KAT-TUN and Hey! Say! JUMP.  Unless they do something now, there’s risk the dome will be full of uchiwas for other talents,” one Johnny’s reporter said.


It has been reported a number of fans had published angry comments online, saying the reason was childish, and that fans had nothing if they were not allowed uchiwas.


However, others have become more creative.  There have been ideas going back and forth about printing messages on pompoms, on bandanas, and even on T-shirts.

PLAYZONE begins 2012 season

13:26 JST July 10, 2012 1 comment

Tsubasa Imai’s 2012 season of PLAYZONE kicked off in Tokyo yesterday, reports Sankei Sports.


On June 9, “PLAYZONE‘12 SONG & DANC‘N PARTⅡ” started at the Aoyama Theatre.  The show has been performed every summer since 1986, and this is Imai’s third year as the lead.


Travis Payne, the American choreographer well-known for choreographing Michael Jackson’s dances in This Is It, was again in charge of sequences in this year’s show.

“Being able to work with Travis is a gift from Michael (Jackson),” Imai said.


New changes to this year’s show include flying wire action six metres in the air during the opening sequence.  Although Imai’s duo partner Hideaki Takizawa is more well-known for doing wire action stunts, Imai said he would do just as good.

“I know usually Tackey does this, but I felt like I wanted to fly too,” he said.


Ex-Hikaru Genji member Atsuhiro Sato will also perform in the show, his first time in five years, and has said he is ready to show people his roller skating dance moves.


“PLAYZONE‘12 SONG & DANC‘N PARTⅡ” will be performed in Tokyo until August 11.

2000 fans gather to see Tackey & Tsubasa in Osaka

18:22 JST June 18, 2012 2 comments

Johnny’s duo Tackey & Tsubasa held an open press conference in Osaka on June 16, which attracted more than 2000 fans, reports Daily Sports Online.


The two were in Osaka’s Namba Parks to support Disney on Ice Mickey & Minnie’s Princess & Hero, which will be performed in the Osaka-jo Hall in August.


It has been reported although it was raining during the event in Osaka on Saturday, fans had started lining up as early as 5am.  When the open press conference finally started at 1pm, 2000 fans had crammed into the venue.  Both Johnny’s talents did not disappoint either.

“Our fans in Osaka have so much enthusiasm, I feel like I’m on home base,” Hideaki Takizawa said.

“After Tokyo, Osaka is the second place where I do most of my jobs.  I feel safe here,” Tsubasa Imai said.


To view the pair’s commercial for the ice show, click here.

Tackey & Tsubasa in their Disney on Ice commercial that was released this month.

Tsubasa Imai becomes world’s first Spanish culture envoy

16:42 JST June 14, 2012 3 comments

Tackey & Tsubasa’s Tsubasa Imai has been named the world’s first Spanish culture envoy, it was announced on June 14, reports Oricon.

It has been reported Imai took part in a special ceremony at the Cervantes Institute in Tokyo on Thursday.  The Johnny’s talent had been recognised for his keen interest and promotion of Spanish culture through learning the language, and using his concerts and other events as an opportunity to do flamenco performances.

“I feel very grateful to have been given this responsibility.  I hope I can become a bridge between Japan and Spain,” Imai said in Spanish.

The Spanish Culture Envoy title is given to an individual who cares about the culture of both countries, and works to promote Spanish language and culture in Japan, and was awarded by the Spanish Ambassador Miguel Ángel Navarro Portera.

Today, the Johnny’s talent was asked to send a message to his lady fans in Spanish.

“I would rather say those things to a lady when we’re alone, but…’Te quiero’, ‘I love you’ I guess,” he said.

Tackey becomes Goodwill Ambassador

16:07 JST June 13, 2012 1 comment

Tackey & Tsubasa’s Hideaki Takizawa has become Goodwill Ambassador to Micronesia, it was reported on TV show ZIP this morning.

It has been reported Takizawa attended a ceremony where he was formally named ambassador.  His main responsibilities will be to promote the great things about Micronesia to Japan, including its nature and culture.

“I hope I can help both Japan and Micronesia to work together to improve each other’s countries,” Takizawa said.


To see video, click here.

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