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Yamapi’s secret event with fans

11:15 JST March 28, 2012 4 comments

Only 100 fans got invitations to Tomohisa Yamashita’s secret event on White Day, March 14, and here are some details about what happened, reports Shukan Josei and fan blogs.


Fans could go into the draw to win an invitation by buying Yamashita’s newest single “愛、テキサス (Ai, Texas)”.


It has been reported the lucky fans who won an invitation met in Tokyo, where staff wearing red “I TEXAS” T-shirts and cowboy hats welcomed them and directed them to some buses.


“Inside the bus, Yamapi came onto the TV and said he would guide us around Tokyo to places that were special to him.  We went past Warner Music and the Johnny’s agency buildings,” one fan said.


It has been reported the bus stopped in front of a restaurant, which another fan said did not look expensive but the interior had an Western movie theme to it, which fitted the theme of the event.

“There were about 10 people to each table.  It wasn’t a big place but the stage was so close, and when Yamashita-kun came on stage, his choreographer also came up and taught everyone the dance moves to ‘Ai, Texas’,” one fan said.


Fans also got to listen to Yamapi’s talking a lot.

“He took time to explain to us about leaving NEWS.  He said it wasn’t because they had a fight.  He also said it wasn’t as serious as fans might think, and that it was more like a class change at school.  He also talked a lot about his holiday in the US,” one fan said.


Fans on blogs have reported after the talks, they played bingo with Yamashita.  Two winners got signed posters from Yamashita on the spot.


Then, Yamashita went around each table to take a photo with them.  The event finished with Yamashita waiting by the exit to say goodbye to each fan as they passed by.


Yamapi’s co-star to go on display in Tokyo

10:48 JST March 21, 2012 2 comments

The pick-up truck Tomohisa Yamashita drove across America’s Route 66 will go on display for one day only in Tokyo, reports News24.


山下智久・ルート66〜たった1人のアメリカ (Tomohisa Yamashita Route 66 – Tatta Hitori no America, My journey across America alone)” was a special TV series made by Nihon TV starring Yamashita and a 1985 Chevrolet C20 as they made their way along Route 66.  To celebrate it’s DVD/Blu-ray box set release, Yamashita’s Chevrolet will be displayed in an event in Tokyo’s Spiral Garden, near Omotesando and Harajuku, on April 15.


Admission is free, so if any fans are in the area, it may be worth checking out.


What: DVD release event for “山下智久・ルート66〜たった1人のアメリカ (Tomohisa Yamashita Route 66 – Tatta Hitori no America, My journey across America alone)”

When: April 15, 11am – 8pm (final admission 7pm)

Where: 1st floor of Sprial, Spiral Garden, 5-6-23 Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Admission: Free

Yamapi talks about leaving NEWS

11:52 JST February 28, 2012 4 comments

Johnny’s talent Tomohisa Yamashita talked to his fans about leaving NEWS, reports Infoseek.


While shooting a TV appearance on music show “HEY! HEY! HEY!” on February 19, Yamashita shared his thoughts with the fans in the studio.

“It’s my first time after leaving NEWS so I am nervous, but I also really feel that safety the members gave me when they were with me.”


It has been reported Yamashita continued to explain the situation to his fans.

“I’m sorry.  I know there might be fans who I’ve hurt but we didn’t separate as the result of a fight.  We decided to grow in our own way so please don’t cry.”


Finally, the Johnny’s star said he was optimistic about the future of both parties.

“I want to work towards a brighter and fun future with all of you, and those guys, and to do that I want to put everything I have into polishing up my skills, and continue to put smiles on your faces.  I hope that you’ll come with me.”


It has been reported a number of fans in the crowd started crying.


After the shoot, Yamashita came down and shook hands with every fan as they left.  Some fans commented that:

“I’ll always be his fan.”

“I will support him.”


However, Cyzowoman reports a lot of fans were still unsatisfied.  Some comments included:

“Didn’t he leave them?  Get your act together.  You wanted to do something right.  Do you know how much you hurt the members and the fans?  I wish he wouldn’t say stuff like this now.”

“Honestly, why now??  Just when things had settled down and NEWS were about to make a new start, why did he want to bring the topic back up?”

“Cruel!  The four of them are working hard together so stop talking about NEWS!!”


The sad thing is that anything Yamapi says or does now comes out as negative to some fans.  It may be an indication as to how difficult it will be for him to win back their trust…

Photo of Rina Yamashita sparks talk about how much she looks like Yamapi

11:43 JST January 18, 2012 6 comments

This week, Tomohisa Yamashita’s sister Rina posted a photo of herself without any makeup on, attracting a number of comments saying she is the split image of her older brother, reports Sankei News.


On January 15, Rina uploaded a photo of herself on her blog, holding a copy of Twilight’s “New Moon”, which she said she was going to read before going to sleep.

Rina apologises for looking plain, and for wearing glasses, but it is easier to see how her face compares to Yamapi’s.


Several fans commented on the blog saying Rina still looks pretty, and she looks exactly like her brother.

“You’re a beauty with glasses on, a splitting-image of your brother.”

“You look exactly like your brother without makeup on.”

“You look like your brother!!  Do people say you two look alike?”


Rina is currently 23.  Back in 2005 she had worked in showbiz as a gravure model, but shortly afterwards retired from the business.  About two years ago, she gained attention for being the beauty secretary for a politician, but has since left that post as well.


To go to the original blog post, click here.

Tomohisa Yamashita comments on his upcoming drama

15:02 JST November 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Johnny’s talent Tomohisa Yamashita will star in a TBS TV company drama for the first time in six years, reports the drama’s website.

In “最高の人生の終わり方〜エンディングプランナー〜 (Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~)”, Yamashita plays the reluctant owner of a funeral parlor, a family business which he inherits after his father passes away.  The local police use the shop to bring in bodies involved in their cases, including murder and suicide.  Along with his family, and a newcomer lady detective, the characters face new stories about reality with every body that comes through the shop.


Here’s what Yamashita had to say:


Q: Tell us how you feel about this drama series, which will be a new start for you.

Yamashita: I don’t want to over-think it too much, I want to heighten my morale on set like I always do, and make a good product together with the cast and production staff.  It’s my first drama series in a while so I’m looking forward to it a lot.


Q: What was your first impression when you heard the drama would be set in a funeral parlor?  Is there anything you’re thinking about doing in preparation for your role as lead character Masato Ihara?

Yamashita: When I heard about the funeral parlor, I thought it would be gloomy, but I hope it’ll become a drama where people can see what ties families together, the how Masato grows in a positive way.  In terms of getting ready, I want to read the script over and over again, and just get as much information as I can to create an image of him.


Q: This is your first drama with TBS in six years, is there anything you’re looking forward to at the shoots?

Yamashita: I always look forward to how things never go as planned, in a good way though, and actually discussing things with the staff as we make the drama.


Q: What does it mean to you to work on a drama?

Yamashita: It’s a place which makes me grow as a person, a special living place that I love.


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