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Yamapi denies new girlfriend rumour

14:37 JST July 25, 2012 1 comment

Tomohisa Yamashita denies having a new girlfriend, or going on holiday with a new girlfriend in Okinawa, Chunichi Sports and Daily Sports Online reports.


Recently, gossip magazines had reported Yamashita had been on holiday in Okinawa with his new girlfriend, a restaurant staff worker in Tokyo.


At yesterday’s fan event in Yokohama, Yamashita set the record straight.

“I haven’t had any time to go to Okinawa, and I don’t know this person who works at a restaurant.  It’s totally wrong.  I’ve been good and restraining myself.  I only open up in front of my fans.”



Yamapi broken up with European girlfriend, goes on vacation with new girlfriend

15:17 JST July 18, 2012 9 comments

Tomohisa Yamashita has ended things with his rumored French girlfriend, and is now seeing a restaurant worker, reports women’s weekly magazine Shukan Josei.

Yamashita had been previously caught dating a European woman in 2011, a relationship which seemed to have been going well according to a friend.

“Yamashita said that he could relax around her because she didn’t see him as a celebrity.  He’s been hoping to work overseas for years, and I think she had a good effect on him because they talked to one another in English.  Even if he had work from early in the morning, he’d make time to see her for meals afterwards,” said one source who knows Yamashita.

But recently it has been reported the relationship has ended.

“They broke up ages ago.  Around the beginning of last year there were a number of sightings of the two of them on dates and there was talk that they were kind of living together, but I heard they broke up around the end of the year.  I think the cultural differences were too much for him to handle.  Western culture has influenced his lifestyle a lot lately, but there might’ve been some things about how she saw the world that he just couldn’t understand,” said one source.

Rumours had started going around Yamashita had got back with actress Keiko Kitagawa after the two were spotted having dinner together around the end of last year, but the source who knows Yamashita has said this was not true.

“That’s not likely because he has a new girlfriend, B-san.  He’s already introduced her to his close friends, and they all went for a holiday in Okinawa during the spring break.  Apparently he didn’t want to attract attention so they went to a smaller island away from the main island.

“B-san works at a restaurant in Tokyo.  But because his agency told him off for being too careless while dating his last girlfriend, he’s been really careful when seeing his new girlfriend.  It’s a big change, because he used to tell everyone that he didn’t care whether people were looking at him,” said one source who knows Yamashita.

Fans spot Hey! Say! JUMP’s Hikaru Yaotome with model Tsubasa Honda in Disneyland

15:37 JST July 16, 2012 2 comments

photo posted on the internet of Hikaru and Tsubasa in Disneyland (

A photo of Tsubasa Honda’s skirt posted on her blog around the same time as the Disneyland date. The similarity in the skirt and shoes has had fans guessing it is her in the Disneyland photo

Hikaru Yaotome and Tsubasa Honda have been spotted on a possible Disneyland date without any disguises, reports monthly magazine BUBKA.

It has been reported several fans had seen the Hey! Say! JUMP member in Disneyland around mid-June with Honda, who is currently a model for non-no magazine and has been starring in TV drama GTO.

“I saw a cute couple walking towards me.  And it was Y-kkuuand Tsubasa Honda.  They were a really good-looking couple,” said one teenager.

It has been reported the two were wearing hats, but nothing else to hide their faces, and looked like every other couple in the theme park who was there to have fun.

Honda is an uprising model and actress, and apart from her current work, has already clinched her first title role in the movie “FASHION STORY” which is due out next year.  According to one source however, her cute boyish haircut look does not mirror her personality.

“She looks innocent and private, but she’s quite open about her relationships.  Shortly after photo-stickers of her cuddling with her model ex-boyfriend were leaked, there were sightings of her in January on a date with her new boyfriend…in Disneyland too, I think.  Despite the fact she was becoming a more recognizable celebrity, I heard she was didn’t seem to take notice of people watching her as she kissed him in public,” said one magazine reporter.

As for Yaotome, it has been reported over the years he has been linked with many girls, including Miyabi Natsuyaki from Berryz Kobo and Perfume’s A-chan.

“He met Honda at a nomikai (drinking party).   Apparently they started talking and found out they were both huge B’z fans, and then they immediately hit it off,” said the same source as above.

It will be worth keeping an eye on where these two are heading in the future.

To see Tsubasa Honda’s blog post with the skirt photo, click here.

Rena Sasamoto says rumours about her dating Hiroki Uchi are a misunderstanding

16:07 JST March 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Actress Rena Sasamoto (left) promoting her upcoming musical

Actress Rena Sasamoto told the press she is not dating Johnny’s talent Hiroki Uchi, reports Sankei Sports.


The actress was promoting her latest stage musical “Jekyll & Hyde” on March 6.  A few weeks ago, a photo of her with Uchi was published in gossip magazines.


It has been reported today was her first time in front of the press, who asked her, “what about that rumours of you dating someone”.

“There’s nothing to be worried about.  I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.”


The actress had continued to emphasise her point.

“Are you just friends,” asked one reporter.

“Yes, that’s right,” she said.

My weekend digest of Johnny’s news while I was away…

01:19 JST May 23, 2011 1 comment

Hey everyone,

Back safe and sound in muggy Tokyo, so forgive me for only doing a short summary of what happened over the last 48 hours:

The Chinese Premier meets SMAP in Tokyo (photo thanks to Jiji Press)

  • SMAP will hold a concert in Beijing, China on September 16, reports Jiji Press.  Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao had met the group at a hotel in Tokyo on May 21 while on a visit to Japan and said he hopes the group will strengthen friendship ties between Japan and China.

Ryusei Ikuta (centre) in Fuji TV campaign (photo thanks to Daily Sports Online)

  • Johnny’s talent Toma Ikuta’s little brother Ryusei Ikuta has made his debut as a Fuji TV announcer, reports Sports Hochi and Daily Sports Online.  Ryusei’s first job was to be a part of the TV station’s latest campaign “ミトカナイト フジ! (Mitokanaito Fuji!)” wearing in a Meerkat-shaped hat.  Ryusei Ikuta facts: Born June 13, 1988 in Kanagawa prefecture.  Graduated from Chuo University.  Blood type A.

Nozomi Sasaki (photo thanks to Sasaki's official blog website)

  • Rumours have surfaced that Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya and Nozomi Sasaki have been dating since April 2010, reports News24 and Asahi Shimbun.  However, representatives from both stars’ agencies have said the two are friends.  It has been reported the two had started going out after meeting one another during a TV show, and had been having dates at Sasaki’s house, away from the public’s eye.  Sasaki has already gained some credit internationally, being named the 33rd most beautiful person in the world in 2010 according to American website TC Candler.

Links: Nozomi Sasaki’s official blog, TC Candler’s Most Beautiful Faces 2010 (Sasaki is No.33)

Toma Ikuta and Yui Ichikawa dating or not?

13:37 JST October 6, 2010 3 comments

Details about whether Toma Ikuta (25) and Yui Ichikawa (24) have been dating for the past five years remain hidden for the time being, reports Sports Hochi and Sankei News today.

Sports Hochi has reported that yesterday it was revealed Ikuta and actress Ichikawa had been dating for the past five years.

Although the two had never worked with one another, according to one source, the pair had met each other through a mutual friend.  Having begun working in the entertainment industry since they were teenagers, the two had become friends after realising they had similar goals, which in the end led to love.

The paper continues to report that the two had kept their relationship hidden in order to avoid any detrimental effects on their careers.  Only their close friends had known they were dating, and the pair had avoided being seen on dates.

Another source has said the pair had broken up at one point, but got back together shortly afterwards.

However, both Sports Hochi and Sankei News have reported that Ikuta and Ichikawa’s agencies have denied their talents are dating.

A representative from Johnny’s & Associates had told Sports Hochi they had not heard any reports about the pair’s relationship.

Similarly, a representative from Ichikawa’s talent agency had told Sankei News, “we have not heard of any such thing from her (Ichikawa)”.

Actress Yui Ichikawa




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