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Kaibutsu-kun becomes 2010’s best-selling drama DVD

08:52 JST September 22, 2010 1 comment

Arashi’s Satoshi Ohno (29) drama “怪物くん (Kaibutsu-kun)” DVD box set has beaten US drama “24” to be the best-selling drama DVD of 2010, figures released from Oricon today have revealed, reports Mainichi Shinbum Digital.

DVD: Kaibutsu-kun drama DVD box set (18,060 yen)

In its first week, the Arashi leader’s drama has sold more than 22,000 copies, 300 more than the “24 season seven” box set, making it the current No.1 in Japan.

”怪物くん(Kaibutsu-kun)” is a story about 怪物ランド(Monster Land) prince 怪物くん(Kaibutsu-kun), played by Ohno, who gets sent to the human world by his father along with his monster companions Dracula, Wolfman, and Franken for training.  It is based on the manga series of the same name, created by Fujiko Fujio in the 1960s, and has already been transformed into an anime series in 1968 and 1980.


My NEWS LIVE album rant

23:39 JST September 14, 2010 1 comment

I couldn’t help but take a detour home via the record store to see if they were selling the new NEWS album a day early…and quite a few fans must have been thinking the same as me because a lot of shelf space where albums should have been were empty!

I bought the limited edition, which comes with the Unplugged DVD of four songs: Sakura Girl, SUMMER TIME, Aki no Sora, and SNOW EXPRESS.

The performances are amazing.  My new favourite song is Aki no Sora 🙂

The limited edition has a foldout newspaper with all of the lyrics and random little advertisements for their album release, upcoming dome tour, and…a NEW SINGLE!?

Does this mean NEWS will release another single within the year?  I hope so!

Still haven’t listened to all of the songs, but so far so good!  I feel like the group have more developed singing voices now, especially Tegoshi.

Right, back to writing up another blog post…just had some news come in.

Have a good night everyone!

Momo xoxo

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Johnny’s rising star Shintaro Morimoto opens special cafe

00:44 JST September 1, 2010 Leave a comment

To celebrate the release of his new DVD, Johnny’s Jr. Shintaro Morimoto (13) opened a themed cafe and talked to 200 lucky fans in Tokyo yesterday, reports Cinema Topics Online and Nikkan Sports.

Morimoto, who is also the younger brother of Hey! Say! JUMP’s Ryutaro Morimoto (15), beat 10,000 other hopefuls to land the title role in the movie “スノープリンス 禁じられた恋のメロディ (Snow Prince Kinjirareta Koi no Melody)”, which was released in December 2009.  The story follows the friendship between Sota (Morimoto) and his dog Chibi, who live in poverty with Sota’s grandfather, but befriend Soya (Marino Kuwashima), a girl from a wealthy family.

The film’s DVD release was promoted by Morimoto opening a special cafe that will only be open from August 31 to September 3, and a release event where 200 fans got to take part.

The star said he got to put his own ideas into the cafe’s menu, including “Sota’s summer christmas parfait”.

“I don’t think it’s normal to be able to open a cafe when promoting a DVD so I feel really happy.

“The Snow Prince collaboration parfait has my favourite vanilla ice cream in it.  It tastes sweet and really delicious so please try it!,”  He said.

Snow Prince's "Sota's Summer Christmas Parfait" (costs 780 yen)

After opening the cafe, Morimoto was rushed to Shibuya’s Tower Records store for his talk event.

Because the event landed on the last day of school holidays, the press had asked Morimoto what his best summer memory had been for 2010.  Unfortunately, Morimoto had said he hadn’t had any time off this year.

“My summer memory for this year was work.

“I wasn’t able to go out a lot, but even though summer holidays are over, I hope I can have a barbecue with my family soon!

“I’ve still got to finish my homework so I’ll have to do that tonight.

“I only just started junior high school too, so I hope I can enjoy my time there and study a lot,” he said.

During the two years it had taken to finish the movie, Morimoto had said his facial features had changed, and he had grown more than 10 centimetres taller.

“My brother said I look cooler now,” he said.

The young popstar also made sure he did his best to promote the DVD.

“There were a lot demanding scenes like going into a waterfall in midwinter and a fire scene.  I think the best part is watching how the characters hate each other at first, but then begin to become friends.

“In the special features, there’s footage from filming in Belgium, campaign events we did for the movie, and lots more memories from Snow Prince so I hope you enjoy watching me do things other than acting,” he said.

After promoting the DVD and answering press questions, fans were invited to compete in a game of rock, paper, scissors.  Three lucky winners were rewarded with the chance to eat the Snow Prince parfait with Morimoto.

Another surprise included Morimoto saying he would shake hands with every fan who had come yesterday.

More than 10 hours of SMAP in new DVD

12:42 JST August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Footage of SMAP in New York,  individual audio commentary, Kimutaku’s tomato meal recipes, “SMAPがんばりますっ!! (SMAP Ganbarimasu!!)”, “毒トマト殺人事件 (Doku Tomato Satsujin Jiken)”, and seven hours worth of behind the scenes footage will be packed into SMAP’s next DVD, reports Oricon Star.

Secretly filmed footage from the episode of “SMAPがんばりますっ!!”, which aired in Japan in January, had been used to make the group’s surprise drama “毒トマト殺人事件” which had aired in July.

Now the two shows will be released in a six-disk DVD box titled “SMAPがんばりますっ!! 2010 10時間超完全版 (SMAP Ganbarimasu!! 2010 10-jikan Cho-Kanzenban)”.

Each group member will have their own individual disk, which will include all of the footage filmed during their “SMAPがんばりますっ!!” adventure, plus their audio commentary.  The sixth disk will include the “毒トマト殺人事件” drama itself.

On top of this, seven hours of never-before-seen-scenes and special features will also be put into the DVD.

The DVD will be released on September 29 for 4980 yen.

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Jin Akanishi gets first No.1 since going solo

10:18 JST July 28, 2010 2 comments

Jin Akanishi’s (26) movie “BANDAGE” has made its DVD sales debut at number one, figures released from Oricon today have revealed.

Released on July 23, the DVD has already sold more than 37,000 copies in Japan, making it top the DVD sales chart and has given Akanishi his first number one since becoming a solo artist.

The movie is set in the rock band boom of the 1990s, where LANDS (Akanishi’s band) have to overcome a number of challenges in order to make their professional debut.  When the movie was released in Japan on November 21 2009, more than 70,000 pre-sold tickets had been bought by fans.  This was the largest number of pre-sold tickets Toho cinemas had sold for a live-action film.

The number one record also beats Akanishi’s previous record for solo work, when the DVD box set for his drama “有閑倶楽部 (Yukan Club)” peaked at number nine in April 2008, with 20,000 copies sold.

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Tsuyoshi Domoto’s DVD reaches No.1

10:08 JST July 7, 2010 1 comment

For the first time in five years, Tsuyoshi Domoto has returned to the top of the charts with his solo live DVD “薬師寺 (Yakushiji)”, figures released by Oricon today have revealed.

The DVD was released on June 30, and has sold more than 39,000 copies in its first week of sales.

It follows Tsuyoshi Domoto as he prepares for his concert at Nara’s Yakushiji temple, a World Heritage site, on July 11 2009.  The limited edition DVD includes footage of Tsuyoshi editing concert tapes himself, and scenes from his concert the day before, on July 10.

It is the first DVD Tsuyoshi has released under his own name since “TSUYOSHI DOMOTO 2nd LIVE [si:] ~FIRST LINE~” in April 2005.

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