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Jin Akanishi might get in trouble for photo his brother uploaded to Twitter

10:29 JST September 7, 2012 7 comments

Rumour has it Johnny’s is not happy about Leo Akanishi uploading a photo of him hanging out with Kanjani8’s Ryo Nishikido and ex-Johnny’s talent Hironori Kusano, reports Johnny’s Watcher.


Gekiura! Geino Japan reports the Twitter photo uploaded on September 4 shows Leo with his friends, two of who look very much like Nishikido and Kusano.

“I’ve heard that the executives at Johnny’s are really mad, and that they’ve asked Akanishi to tell his brother to delete the photo.  But Nishikido’s photo is still on the internet because Leo thinks he doesn’t have to delete it if it’s on his own personal account.  With his movie in trouble, a shotgun wedding, and this, Jin Akanishi’s Johnny’s career might be over now,” one popstar magazine editor said.


Johnny’s have a strict rule against publishing any unofficial photos of their talents.  But it has been reported the photo might have been uploaded deliberately to help ex-NEWS member and former Johnny’s talent Kusano.  A few days ago, Kusano had launched his website, and he also belongs to an agency set up by people with connections to Akanishi.  It could be possible the photo was a publicity stunt.


But either way, it is very possible Jin Akanishi will get punished in some way.  Even if the agency does not fire him, is it too much to say Akanishi might start thinking about leaving the agency himself?


Look who it is! Ex-NEWS member Hironori Kusano

17:20 JST September 5, 2012 2 comments

Hironori Kusano has come back with an official website, twitter account, fan club, and concerts coming up in October and November.


Enough said.  Yay! Kusano! – Momo

Could Ryutaro Morimoto make a come back when he graduates high school?

17:24 JST July 13, 2012 1 comment

It’s been over a year since Ryutaro Morimoto was suspended indefinitely from Hey! Say! JUMP after photos of him doing underage smoking were splashed in gossip magazine Josei Seven, but could the Johnny’s talent make a come back, reports Cyzowoman.

The then 16-year-old Johnny’s talent was suspended on June 27, 2011.  Since then, Morimoto’s name has been removed from the talent agency’s official website, and the media had reported Hey! Say! JUMP to be a nine-member group during their concerts in Hong Kong.

“I feel sad every time I see things like that, but I can’t help but feel hopeful that he’s just being suspended, not expelled.  I do believe he’ll come back,” said one fan.

It has been reported at the time, Morimoto was a first year in his Horikoshi High School’s TRAIT course.  Many teenage celebrities and athletes take this course which allows them to continue with their showbiz or training work without worrying about class times.  Students can catch up with school work either in weekends or school holidays.  The course comes with a steep price tag, but it has been reported Morimoto is currently still enrolled in the TRAIT course.

“There were sightings of him hanging out with his friends, including Johnny’s Jr. talent Jyuri Tanaka during the school’s autumn festival.  He was happy to shake hands with fans, so I think he does want to come back.

He’s still a student so maybe the time to watch is when he graduates.  Like, if he gets into university, there might be a double announcement about his university and his comeback,” said one Johnny’s news reporter.

Past examples suggest the idea is possible, with ex-NEWS/Kanjani8 member Hiroki Uchi coming back into showbiz after a two year suspension for underage drinking.  Although Uchi was unable to rejoin his groups, the talent is now working as a solo artist and has had won roles in movies, TV dramas, stage plays and concerts.

However, there are some talents who have never made a full come back, like ex-NEWS member Hironori Kusano who was suspended for underage drinking.  Although Kusano did make a come back as a talent, he gradually faded out and has since left the agency.  According to his Japanese wikipedia page, Kusano is now a design student at Hosei University in Tokyo.

My autumn day thoughts

14:29 JST October 6, 2010 4 comments


So this is where I can blab on about things that I’ve been thinking of but it’s either not enough for a post or I’m not sure about the sources…that and it’s a good way to refresh my head 🙂


The post I did ages ago on Hironori Kusano (22) modeling jewelry for Cailly Coo update…

If that’s Kusano (I’m 90 per cent sure, but none of the higher powers of society have come out to confirm it for me, grrr), you can see videos and more photos of him at the six☆star website:

It’s a clothing brand set up by the same designer as Cailly Coo, FUKUTARO.

Go to the “Style” section where there’s a video of Kusano dancing (“Video”), studio photos (“Style vol.1”), and behind-the-scenes like photos (“Off shot”).

six☆star website


K-chan NEWS: October 4

The guest this week was Massu.

The pair talked about how they had just finished filming the music video to their upcoming single “Fighting Man”.

The day started at around 8am and they didn’t finish until about 1am the next morning.

They also played the single on air this week and it sounds amazing!  Very uptempo (/>v<)/  Can’t wait for November 3!

Or in my case November 9 because I’ll be on a business trip overseas during that time, ARGH!!!


Massu on TV with brown-red hair

On Monday night Massu was a guest on 世界まる見え!(Sekai Marumie!) and he had brownish-red hair.

It was amazing.  Like, really amazing.  Like, Massu, will-you-keep-your-hair-that-colour-for-a few-more-months amazing.

That and he got a quiz question wrong so a giant metal bowl dropped onto his head as a punishment.  It looked kind of painful, but he looked very cute in pain too.

The metal bowl dropping-on-head punishment


Right, I’m refreshed.

Time to go!  Have a good day!

Momo xoxo

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