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Japan Airlines unveils Arashi Jet

00:31 JST September 5, 2010 2 comments

Travelling the skies in an Arashi jet has become a reality as Japan Airlines unveiled their new airline jet on September 4, reports Sankei News and San-in Chuo Shimpo.

The airline company will begin using airplanes plastered with a photo of the five popstars from September 5.  The majority of planes will be used for domestic flights between Haneda airport (Tokyo) and Sapporo (Hokkaido), Itami (Osaka), and Fukuoka.  It has been reported the planes will be used from now until January 2011.

JAL have been using Arashi’s song “movin’ on” for their commercials since July.

The first Arashi jet is scheduled to leave Haneda airport today at 1:30pm, bound for Osaka.

On top of this, limited edition Arashi merchandise will go on sale in in-flight shops during flights.

Arashi have already been appointed as tourism navigators by the Japan Tourism Agency, representing Japan for overseas tourists.

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