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Some Jin Akanishi rumours

15:51 JST June 20, 2012 3 comments

Yesterday, I got a request to translate a story on Jin Akanishi (thank you @wj0704 for sending me the link!).

I’ve been reading a few lately so thought it would be an idea to translate the requested story and a few others.

WARNING: All of these are rumors and I can’t guarantee that any of them are true.


June 18

Jin Akanishi might be making a come back in Kazuya Kamenashi’s upcoming movie “妖怪人間ベム (Yokai Ningen Bem)”, reports Tokyo Sports.

It has been reported Akanishi would be making a guest appearance in the movie playing a monster.

“I’ve heard that he’ll be playing Kamenashi’s enemy, a retired pop star coming back from the US who turned into a monster because he didn’t make it in showbiz.  They’re waiting for a response from Akanishi now,” said one source.

Surprisingly though, it was Kamenashi’s idea to offer Akanishi the part.

“During their KAT-TUN years they would be constantly arguing.  If something came up, the two of them would begin arguing, but they recognized the other as their own rival.  I heard that when Akanishi and Kuroki got married, Kamenashi sent him an email congratulating them.  But then Akanishi got all of his jobs taken away from him, and then his fan club was closed down, so I guess Kamenashi couldn’t sit still and watch Akanishi go through this,” said the same source as above.

Filming for “妖怪人間ベム (Yokai Ningen Bem)” will take place in July and August in both a studio in Tokyo and on location in Hokkaido.

We will have to wait and see whether Akanishi takes this offer or not.


June 13

Rumours going around suggest Jin Akanishi might be switching agencies, reports Tokyo Sports.

“Kuroki’s agency is apparently going to launch a male actor’s department and the word on the street is that Akanishi might be switching to it.  Filming for his Hollywood movie ’47RONIN’ has finished, and it’s due to come out in December* so he’ll probably stay in Johnny’s for the remainder of the year.  But he’s thinking positively about switching agencies for the sake of his baby.  However, apparently Kuroki’s agency would have to pay a huge breakup fee to Johnny’s in order to get Akanishi,” said one source.

* update: as of June 20, 47RONIN has been re-scheduled to be released in February 2013.


May 31

Jin Akanishi wants to live in Kuroki’s hometown Okinawa and open a bar, reports Cyzowoman.

Akanishi and actress Meisa Kuroki announced their marriage in February, and in April Kuroki finally announced she was four months pregnant.  Although the baby is due in October, Kuroki already has work lined up afterwards, recently getting a role in next year’s NHK Taiga drama “八重の桜 (Yae no Sakura)”.  Akanishi’s schedule however, still remains blank.

“As a penalty for his shotgun wedding, his concert tour was cancelled, his fan club closed down, and his summer drama role in ‘GTO’ was turned down.  Although his Hollywood movie ’47RONIN’ starring Keanu Reeves will be released next year, it’s undecided whether he’ll take part in promoting the film.  At this rate he might end up becoming a house-husband,” said one source.

It has been reported in the May 29th edition of “Shukan Josei” magazine, Akanishi’s clubbing nights with Johnny’s talents Tomohisa Yamashita and Ryo Nishikido have also stopped.  Akanishi has instead been spending time with Kuroki and going on dates during the day, Yamashita has been focussing on his solo career, and Nishikido has been busy shooting his drama series “パパドル! (Papa-dol!)” and going to driving school in his free time to get his motorcycle license.

It has been reported Akanishi has talked to those around him about some things he would like to do in the future.

“Before getting married to Kuroki, he went to her hometown in Okinawa a number of times and has been able to open up to Kuroki’s relatives now.  With the US base there, he’s enjoying the fact that he can use his English there, and he’s been telling people he’d like to open a bar in Okinawa which can also host live band performances.  Although that might be good for Akanishi, it would mean that Kuroki would have to fly out to Tokyo every time she has work, or they might even have to live in separate cities,” said one source.

Nonetheless, it is important for Akanishi to find some sort of work or it could create tension in his marriage.  Having given up so many things for this marriage, let’s hope that the two remain happy.


Jin Akanishi reportedly recording in LA, but it’s not a job

10:27 JST June 3, 2012 3 comments

Meisa Kuroki’s taiga drama role and Jin Akanishi’s personal recording trip to LA are beginning to suggest gaps in their careers, reports Shukan Bunshun.

The June 7 edition of the weekly magazine has reported Kuroki’s career has not been badly affected as previously feared.  The actress will begin filming for NHK’s taiga drama “八重の桜 (Yae no Sakura)” in February, four months after her baby is due.

“Kuroki belongs to Sweet Power Agency, which looks after popular beauties like Rina Uchiyama and Maki Horikita.  Ignoring the rules of the showbiz industry and reporting about her marriage afterwards infuriated the agency.  Of course, one would usually need to make a formal apology to commercial clients and pay for damages, but Akanishi and Kuroki let is pass with a ‘what’s wrong with what we did’ attitude.  It’s only expected that they would be sidelined,” said one source belonging to a major advertising agency.

However, now we are beginning to see some differences.

It has been reported there were fears Subaru might drop Kuroki from their sports car line since their main target audience was not pregnant women, but as a matter in fact the reaction has been positive.

“She’s been getting commercial offers even after getting pregnant.  Kuroki gets at least 20 million yen (about US$200,000) per commercial contract.  She’s exceptional in that she brings an exotic and ‘it factor’ presence, so she would not have a problem earning an income in showbiz,” said the same source.

On the other hand Akanishi has got a lot of problems to overcome before he can move forward.  While he had been causing trouble since leaving KAT-TUN, under the watchful eye of Johnny Kitagawa he had made it to his solo debut and was preparing to make it in the US.  However, it has been reported Mr Kitagawa has turned his back on Akanishi following his marriage.

“Johnny’s have put him aside.  At the moment Akanishi is in LA doing some recording.  But that isn’t a job for Johnny’s, he’s there for his own interest.  But if something bad comes out of it, there’s a chance Johnny’s might fire him,” said one source.

“[Akanishi relies on his wife, Meisa, but] he’s like her attendant.  He’ll go with her to her home in Okinawa, go to izakaya with her, listen to her complaints.  He joins her when she goes baby goods shopping.  He even goes to the hairdresser’s with her and showers her with compliments like, ‘that look looks good on you’.  It’s something unimaginable when you think back to his bad boy days,” said one acquaintance.

KAT-TUN members not surprised about Jin Akanishi getting married

16:38 JST April 24, 2012 4 comments

Johnny’s group KAT-TUN opened up about what they thought of their ex-member’s recent marriage during a press conference in Tokyo on April 22, reports Chunichi Sports and Nikkan Sports.

The group had been in town last weekend to perform concerts for the Tokyo leg of their national tour.  The group had said they first found out about Akanishi on the news on February 9.

“I want to say congratulations.  But honestly, we’ve been through a lot so this didn’t surprise me.  Out of everyone, I think the five of us were the least surprised,” Kazuya Kamenashi said.

“He didn’t give any warning before he left the group two years ago, or even when he left to go overseas (in 2006).  I think that’s just his personality,” Koki Tanaka said.

It has been reported Tanaka also commented on the penalties Akanishi was given by Johnny’s for his unconsulted marriage.

“Now he has someone.  His responsibilities will get bigger from now on.  That, I think is the thing he finds hardest to cope with.  But as a working adult, he needs to at least respect the fundamental rules.  It’s not just your own problem anymore,” he said.

But even so, it has been reported Tanaka hoped for the best.

“KAT-TUN is staying positive, and he needs to too,” he said.

The group also touched on how hard it is to cope with getting Akanishi questions thrown at them, but they remain optimistic.

“No matter what we say or don’t say, people say we’re mean.  It’s difficult,” Kamenashi said.

“Every time we have a concert, the lead is about ‘Akanishi’,” Tanaka said.

“Our job is to make people smile!” said Junnosuke Taguchi.

KAT-TUN  have entertained more than 460,000 fans in 12 locations across the country.  Their tour wraps up in Sendai on April 28.


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