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Arashi look back on 24Hr TV special

17:18 JST August 27, 2012 1 comment

Arashi, this year’s main personality for Nihon TV’s “24時間テレビ35『愛は地球を救う』(24Hr Television / Love Saves the Earth’)”, look back on their third time hosting the show, reports Mainichi Shimbun on August 27.


Kazunari Ninomiya:

“It’s possible there’s only a set number of dreams one person has.  But being here with everyone, and thanks to all of those people on location, in these 24 hours I’ve been able to see so many more dreams about the future.”


Masaki Aiba:

“This year was another great time for me, I had to fight back the tears so many times…  I could feel how much people wanted a bright future.”


Sho Sakurai:

“It was truly an honour.  I was touched by everything.”


Satoshi Ohno:

“My feelings for the future have become stronger from this, our third show.  I want to make a fresh start for the future.”


Jun Matsumoto:

“I feel like the show was over in an instant this year.  If people were able to get our message about moving forward, I think it was a good 24 hours spent for the future.”

More about Arashi’s 24Hr TV specials

16:56 JST July 11, 2012 1 comment

Jun Matsumoto is turning into a brass band conductor, Sho Sakurai a soccer player, and Kazunari Ninomiya has just finished shooting his drama on the edge of a 20 metro cliff for this year’s 24 Hr TV, reports Sports Hochi, Sponichi Annex, Sankei Sports, and Nikkan Sports on June 10.


“24時間テレビ35『愛は地球を救う』(24Hr Television / Love Saves the Earth’)” is being hosted by Johnny’s group Arashi this year, and new details about their special programs have been revealed.


Matsumoto will conduct the brass band at a high school in Ishinomaki, a town devastated by last year’s tsunami.  It has been reported Matsumoto had no plans to conduct at first.  The band had been invited to perform in Tokyo’s Budokan, where the 24Hr TV special will be aired from, to express their gratitude to everyone who has supported their community and to tell people they are doing their best to rebuild their lives.  But after Matsumoto had visited the school in June, the students invited the Arashi member to lead them as they prepared for their Tokyo performance.  Having no conducting experience, Matsumoto has since been learning the fundamentals from Japanese conductor Yutaka Sado.

“He said the most important thing is to draw together all of the thoughts of each and every musician, become a part of their music-making, and to have fun.  I had also heard that after the tsunami, Sado-san had been involved with organizations which had donated instruments to their school.  Maybe it’s fate,” Matsumoto said.


Just north of Ishinomaki, a high school soccer team in Rikuzentakada had been invited by Sakurai and FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year Homare Sawa to play a match in memory of their team member Shiori Koyama.  It has been reported the Mizusawa UFC Princess player had a dream of becoming a World Cup soccer player but she was lost in the tsunami which hit Rikuzentakada on March 11, 2011.  Despite the fact Sawa and a number of her team mates were preparing for the London Olympics, the women’s soccer team INAC Kobe made time for a match against their juniors earlier this month.  Sakurai joined the Tohoku team as a special member as the two sides played off in a 30 minute match.

“It was incredible.  Even the heavy rain stopped while we were having the match.  I think Shiori-san was watching us,” Sakurai said.

News report of the match on TV

It has been reported over in Shizuoka prefecture, Ninomiya had been filming the climax scene to his special drama “車イスで僕は空を飛ぶ (Kuruma-isu de Boku wa Sora wo Tobu)”.  In the drama, Ninomiya plays a good-for-nothing teenager who gets in a fight which leaves him paralysed from the waist down.  Wanting to end his life, he drags himself and his wheelchair to the edge of a 20 metro cliff.  The cliff used in the scene had bad footing even for those who could walk, and so just in case, a rescue team and coast guard team were on standby during the shoot.


“You might see it as taking too much risk, but it was a decision made by all of the production staff to bring out the real meaning of this scene,” Ninomiya said.

News report of the shoot on TV


Here’s a link to where I got the screenshots:

Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya wins Best Actor at Tokyo Drama Awards

13:28 JST October 25, 2011 1 comment

Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya’s 2010 drama “フリーター、家を買う (Freeter, Ie wo Kau)” won three awards at this year’s Tokyo Drama Awards, which held its ceremony on October 24, reports Daily Sports Online and Tokyo Walker.


The drama took out Best Actor, Best Drama Series, and Best Producer.

“I’m thankful for being given this prestigious award.  The time I spent on this project has meant a lot to me,” Ninomiya said.


It has been reported ceremony host Koji Ishizaka teased Ninomiya, saying that “everyone in Arashi is good at acting, but aren’t you standing out a lot more than the others, Ninomiya-san?”

“No!  Not at all!  I can’t comment on that,” Ninomiya said in return, making the crowd laugh.


This year marks the fourth Tokyo Drama Awards.  Not only do the awards celebrate acting and show quality, but it also puts the spotlight on TV dramas that show potential in an overseas market.


Ceremony venue for Tokyo Drama Awards 2011 (photo thanks to Tokyo Walker)

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Nino’s “Freeter, Ie wo Kau” drama special sequel confirmed

20:48 JST August 4, 2011 3 comments

Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya and the cast of 2010 autumn drama “フリーター、家を買う (Freeter, Ie wo Kau)” will reprise their roles again in a special sequel, it was revealed on August 3, reports Daily Sports Online and Sports Hochi.


The drama recorded average ratings of 17.1% during its run last year.  The story followed a young freeter (Ninomiya) who tries to earn enough money to buy a house for his ill mother.  The series ended with its two lead characters (Ninomiya and model/actress Karina) admitting they had feelings for one another, and so it has been reported the sequel will focus on what happens between the two of them from that point.

“(In the drama) we got a house so, I thought that was the end of it (laughs).  I’m thankful that I get to work with the same cast again, and I promise to put everything I have into it,” Ninomiya said.


It has been reported the sequel special will go on air this autumn, and include a few new cast members as well.

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My weekend digest of Johnny’s news while I was away…

01:19 JST May 23, 2011 1 comment

Hey everyone,

Back safe and sound in muggy Tokyo, so forgive me for only doing a short summary of what happened over the last 48 hours:

The Chinese Premier meets SMAP in Tokyo (photo thanks to Jiji Press)

  • SMAP will hold a concert in Beijing, China on September 16, reports Jiji Press.  Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao had met the group at a hotel in Tokyo on May 21 while on a visit to Japan and said he hopes the group will strengthen friendship ties between Japan and China.

Ryusei Ikuta (centre) in Fuji TV campaign (photo thanks to Daily Sports Online)

  • Johnny’s talent Toma Ikuta’s little brother Ryusei Ikuta has made his debut as a Fuji TV announcer, reports Sports Hochi and Daily Sports Online.  Ryusei’s first job was to be a part of the TV station’s latest campaign “ミトカナイト フジ! (Mitokanaito Fuji!)” wearing in a Meerkat-shaped hat.  Ryusei Ikuta facts: Born June 13, 1988 in Kanagawa prefecture.  Graduated from Chuo University.  Blood type A.

Nozomi Sasaki (photo thanks to Sasaki's official blog website)

  • Rumours have surfaced that Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya and Nozomi Sasaki have been dating since April 2010, reports News24 and Asahi Shimbun.  However, representatives from both stars’ agencies have said the two are friends.  It has been reported the two had started going out after meeting one another during a TV show, and had been having dates at Sasaki’s house, away from the public’s eye.  Sasaki has already gained some credit internationally, being named the 33rd most beautiful person in the world in 2010 according to American website TC Candler.

Links: Nozomi Sasaki’s official blog, TC Candler’s Most Beautiful Faces 2010 (Sasaki is No.33)

GANTZ sequel breaks records set by first movie

15:36 JST April 25, 2011 4 comments

Kenichi Matsuyama in "GANTZ PERFECT ANSWER" (photo thanks to Cinema Today)

“GANTZ: PERFECT ANSWER” has recorded bigger sales and larger crowds at its opening, reports Cinema Today on April 25.

The movie stars Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya and actor Kenichi Matsuyama.  Although the first movie earned an impressive 3.4 billion yen at the box office at its opening in January, its sequel has earned more than 4 billion yen.  By 1pm on the movie’s opening day on April 23, cinemas across the country had recorded ticket sales of 104 per cent compared to the first movie.

It has been reported a large portion of the crowd attending the opening day event in Tokyo were women, including daughters and mothers or girl friend groups, showing the movie’s appeal to fans in their teens to 40s.

The “GANTZ” movies are based on the popular SF manga series of the same name, which is still being published.  Because of this the sequel has invented it’s own original ending to the story.

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“Everyone goes for Nino,” says Matsuyama at GANTZ event

20:09 JST April 18, 2011 4 comments

Actor Kenichi Matsuyama at today's event (photo thanks to Movie Walker)

Hayfever and co-star jealousy were some of the things the stars of “GANTZ PERFECT ANSWER” talked about at an event in Tokyo on April 18, reports Movie Walker,, and

The two actors made an appearance at the closing of the GANTZ Trailer tour along with the film’s director and producer.

It has been reported that today, Ninomiya-san showed up with a runny nose and some bad news.

“I’m sorry I have a blocked nose today.  After talking to a lot of people, I think I’ve got hayfever.  Apparently Hinoki-san (cypress pollen) and I get along well. (laughs)  This is the last movie you’ll see a hayfever-free Ninomiya,” he said.

Matsuyama said he and Ninomiya had been promoting GANTZ together for a while and he enjoyed traveling to different places, but there was one thing he had begun to notice.

“I relied on [Ninomiya] a lot, both on set and during interviews.  When we were being interviewed and I had trouble explaining something in the movie, he would explain it perfectly for me.  I think I only spoke for 2 per cent of the time.

“But every time the interviewer always goes for Ninomiya-san.  They’ll go, ‘yes, yes,’ when I talk, but then they’ll be like, ‘so, Ninomiya-san’. (laughs)  Everyone loves him no matter where we go,” Matsuyama said.

“GANTZ PERFECT ANSWER” is the sequel to the first GANTZ movie, which was released in Japan in January.  Both movies are based on the popular manga series by Hiroya Oku.  It’s story centres of two friends Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato who die in a train accident while trying to save another person, but wake up to find themselves involved in a “game” to hunt down and kill aliens.  The first movie has grossed more than 3 billion yen at the Japanese box office and was the number one movie in the country for four straight weeks.

It has been reported the GANTZ trailer loaded with props and costumes used in the GANTZ films had been touring around the country, traveling more than 12,000 kilometres and had attracted more than 50,000 fans.  Unfortunately the tour’s Hokkaido, Miyagi, and Shizuoka stops had to be canceled due to the 3/11 Tohoku earthquake.  The film’s producer said he was thankful the movie was given the OK to open up because of the large number of fans who pushed for it.

Ninomiya had also talked about the moment he realised how much the disaster had affected everyone in Japan.  The earthquake had struck a day after the talent had finished promoting GANTZ at the Tokyo International Forum.

“When I found out that the Forum was being used as a shelter for people who couldn’t get home I realised how close to home this disaster was.  I spent a long time after the earthquake thinking about what I could do to help.  But in the end I felt like the only way to repay those who have supported GANTZ was to continue on with GANTZ,” he said.

“Everytime we meet you all, we go home feeling so much better.  Now I hope our movie can make you go home feeling better too,” Matsuyama added.

“GANTZ PERFECT ANSWER” opens in cinemas in Japan from April 23.

Props on the GANTZ trailer which traveled around Japan (photo thanks to

GANTZ fans (photo thanks to

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