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Johnny’s senior hopes for the best for Jin Akanishi

13:21 JST September 25, 2012 1 comment

Johnny’s senior talent Masahiko Kondo sent his congratulations to Jin Akanishi on September 24, reports Chunichi Sports.


Akanishi and his wife, actress Meisa Kuroki, had a baby girl on September 23.  It has been reported during an interview in Tokyo, Kondo, who also has a 4-year-old son, said he had some advice for Akanishi about being a father.

“Kids are really cute.  Just seeing them makes your worries go away.  I don’t think you need to put more pressure on yourself, it’s okay to do things at your own pace.”


Kondo also said he would like to encourage Akanishi to keep doing what he wants to do, even after all the drama so far with leaving KAT-TUN, going to the USA, a cancelled concert tour, and a blank work schedule.

“I chose to start a racing career, and I’m still involved in it.  You can get through it if you concentrate on your work and have faith in your fans and your supporters.  Your wife and children are on your side, you’ll be alright.”


300 Johnny’s talents came together for Tackey & Tsubasa’s 10 year anniversary concert

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Tomohisa Yamashita, Hey! Say! JUMP, and Kis-My-Ft2 were among some of the Johnny’s talents at Tokyo Dome yesterday to celebrate Tackey & Tsubasa’s 10th anniversary, reports Sponichi Annex and Daily Sports Online.


It has been reported the duo’s concert was held in Tokyo Dome.  The last time they had a concert there was when they made their debut in 2002.

“I want to make this a special moment worthy of a 10 year anniversary,” Tsubasa Imai said.


To start with, both Imai and Hideaki Takizawa insisted the concert’s stage be a recreation of a historical Johnny’s stage set.  The stage design is identical to the one used in the first ever stadium concert tour by a Johnny’s group, Tanokin-Trio’s (Johnny’s senior talent Masahiko Kondo was a member), including a concert at Korakuen stadium, which was the Tokyo Dome of Tokyo until it was demolished in 1987.  More than 45,000 fans at yesterday’s concert were treated to a sight of the first Johnny’s stadium concert set, tweaked modern features like a 25-metre crane, 150 tons of water, 20,000 balloons, and motorbikes.


It has been reported for three hours, Imai and Takizawa sang more than 30 songs, and had guest appearances by more than 300 of their junior talents including Tomohisa Yamashita, Kis-My-Ft2, Hey! Say! JUMP, Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z, Kansai and Kanto Johnny’s Jr.  Takizawa had even tried some Kis-My-Ft2 stunts by showing off his own rollerskating skills when he performed WANNA BEEEE!!! with the group.


During one of the talks, the two talents talked about how grateful they were to be a duo group.  It has been reported Johnny’s president Johnny Kitagawa had originally planned for Takizawa to become a solo artist, but Takizawa fought back by saying he was more of  a team player and wanted Imai to be his partner.

“There have been times that Tsubasa and I have cried and laughed together.  I’m so happy you’re my team mate,” Takizawa said.

“I believe that Takizawa possesses the showbiz quality that our president wants.  I hope we can continue showing this Johnny’s spirit,” Imai said.

Surprises at the 2011 Jingu Gaen fireworks festival

22:06 JST August 7, 2011 6 comments

New tour announcements and new songs were some of the surprises Matchy, Tegomass, and Tackey brought out at the 2011 Jingu Gaen Fireworks festival in Tokyo on August 6, reports Asahi Shimbun and Nikkan Sports.


The fireworks festival was transformed into a Tohoku Disaster charity event this year.  With the likes of Johnny’s senior talent Masahiko Kondo (also known as Matchy), Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey & Tsubasa), and Tegomass in the performing lineup, more than 110,000 packed the four venues, and more than 200,000 people packed the area on Saturday as 10,000 fireworks were set off into the night air.


It has been reported Matchy kicked off his performance with his classic hit song “ギンギラギンにさりげなく (Gingiragin ni Sarigenaku)”.

“Because fireworks festivals are summer festivals, right.  I thought it would be best to start with something everyone knew and could sing together,” he said.


Matchy had said even though it was his second year performing at the fireworks festival with Tegomass, the addition of Tackey had changed things.

“Something’s different about this year.  Takizawa shows us his costumes.  Tegomass lets us listen to their songs.  I guess it’s my responsibility to get everyone going.”


In his first Jingu Gaen fireworks festival performance, Tackey could not hide his smile.

“This is my first outdoor performance, but it’s really fun.  It’s a good chance to show what I am in front of Matchy-san and Tegomass fans.”


Tegomass surprised fans by performing a new song, “花火 (Hanabi, Fireworks)”.

“We’d been looking forward to this [event] since we got told about it,” Yuya Tegoshi said.

“This is a song we made especially for the Jingu Gaen fireworks festival,” Takahisa Masuda said.


Tackey and Tegomass even got to sing “-MOTTO-” with Matchy, giving fans to see a stage full of senior and junior Johnny’s talents.


As a surprise, Matchy announced he would perform his first Hong Kong concert in 25 years on December 11.  It will be the first time in 21 years the singer has performed overseas, his last being in Singapore in 1990.

“I’d been criticised as being a bad-ass in Hong Kong, but I think I can show them I’ve grown up.”


Matchy was not the only one to announce a new concert tour.  Tegomass also revealed they would embark on their third national tour starting on October 22.  The duo will go around 11 cities, and are expected to attract more than 210,000 fans in total.

Friends, Johnny’s stars, and fans gather at Matchy tour’s final concerts

12:37 JST December 11, 2010 2 comments

KinKi Kids, KAT-TUN, and Tegomass were among the Johnny’s stars who had come to see their Johnny’s senior Masahiko Kondo (46) perform at one of the last concerts of his 30th anniversary tour in Tokyo last night, reports Oricon.


It has been reported the teary-eyed singer faced his fans and friends in the Nihon Budokan who were all chanting, “Matchy”.

“I’m not crying…but I’m very touched.  30 years has been really long…

“The things I hold closest to me are my friends, my (Johnny’s) juniors.  And of course, my fans,” he said.


During the concert’s encore, Kondo was joined on stage by Johnny’s stars lead by Shonentai’s Katsuhide Uekusa, Atsuhiro Sato, Hiroshi Nagano from V6, KinKi Kids, Tegomass, and KAT-TUN.

“Today my juniors have come to see me.  I hope they go home thinking, ‘the old man’s still going strong’,” he said.


KinKi Kids’ Koichi Domoto had said, “it was like his soul was singing”, prompting the press at the concert to cheer Kondo on to do another tour next year.

“Next year?  Let me think about it please,” Kondo said.


However, he also added he wouldn’t be the underdog at this year’s Johnny’s New Year’s countdown concert.

“I’m not going to let myself lose to my juniors yet!,” he said.


Kondo’s fist national tour in 21 years had started back in April, titled “あの街この街マッチとデート 思い出ツアー(Ano Machi Kono Machi Matchy to Date Omoide Tour, That Town This Town a Date with Matchy Memory Tour)”, the singer has been touring around more than 30 venues before finishing at Tokyo’s Nihon Budokan, where his final concert will be held tonight December 11.


With an orchestra and band backing him up, the 46-year-old sang all of his hit songs, and was even taken up 20 metres into the air in a gondola as he continued to sing.


After finishing the first of his last two concerts in Tokyo, the singer said he had a lot of hope for the future.

“I was really touched.  30 years is very long and I can’t believe my fans have been with me all this time.

“This year was an amazing year work-wise.  I was awarded Best Vocal Performer by the Japan Record Awards, which has been very encouraging and it motivates me to work harder and learn more things,” he said.




Merry Christmas messages: Masahiko Kondo

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Summary of Johnny’s Christmas Message 2010

Masahiko Kondo

This is Masahiko Kondo.

“あの街この街マッチとデート思い出ツアー第2弾 (Ano Machi Kono Machi Matchy to Date Omoide Tour Part 2)” will have concerts at the (Japan) Budokan on December 10th and 11th.

I’ve been going around (cities) for a long time and now it’s going to end with a bang at the Budokan!  If you have some time to spare it would be great if you could come and have fun at my concert!

I think you can have a really good time at the concert, and get excited.  I think it’ll make you say, “I’m so glad I came!”, and you can go home a little more happier so please come by!!

That and I have something called “マッチとおやつ☆☆☆・・・ (Matchy to Oyatsu☆☆☆…)”, it’s a dinner show you can come to with your children.  It’ll be held around Christmas in Osaka and Tokyo.  So if you want to have a good time at Christmas, instead of spending Christmas at home, it would be great if you could spend it at Matchy to Oyatsu☆☆☆…

And, of course, there is also a dinner show for adults at Christmas!  So there aren’t children here, but I’ll be singing all of my songs up to now, mature songs, and christmas songs so it’s a Christmas party for adults that will be held at Osaka and Tokyo!  Please drop by!

It’s still a little early but thank you very much for a great year, and come by my dinner show and concert too!


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Why Johnny’s returned to the Japan Records Awards

10:24 JST November 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Best Vocal Performer of the year winner Masahiko Kondo (46) and his talent agency have released comments about their return to the Japan Record Awards, reports Sports Hochi and Sponichi Annex.


Kondo had major wins at the Japan Record Awards in 1981 (Best New Artist) and 1987 (Japan Record Award), and will make his first appearance at the televised award ceremony in 22 years.

“I’m very happy with winning the best vocal performer because it means I’ve been recognized as a singer,” Kondo said.


The singer also said the win had given him something proud to report about to his late mother on November 24, which marks 24 years since her passing.

The song he had been awarded for, “心 ざんばら (Kokoro Zanbara)”, is about a man who comes face to face with the death of someone he loves.  The judges had said Kondo had been able to express the song to its highest potential.


His return, however, has been significant because Johnny’s & Associates had declined to nominate their artists for award competitions since the early 1990s.


The last time a Johnny’s artist had won at the Japan Record Awards was in 1990 when 忍者 Ninja had won Best New Artist, but since then the agency had refused to nominate its artists because they had feared it would create unwanted competition between groups within Johnny’s.


A comeback was anticipated in 2006 after SMAP had sold more than 2 million records for their single “世界に一つだけの花 (Sekai ni Hitotsu dake no Hana)”, but the agency had still declined to the nominate the group saying that like the lyrics in the song, it was more important to be the “only one” rather than “no.1”.


But Johnny’s had released comments saying they had nominated and accepted Kondo’s latest win because the singer has had a long relationship with the Japan Record Awards.  The agency had stressed it does not mean Johnny’s will be nominating other groups for similar awards from next year, and still wants to keep their singers away from competing against one another.






Johnny’s stars send messages of congratulations to newlywed Noriyuki Higashiyama

13:06 JST October 24, 2010 2 comments

Celebrating Noriyuki Higashiyama (44) and actress Yoshino Kimura’s (34) marriage yesterday, talents from Johnny’s & Associates have released the following comments, reports Sankei Sports.

Higashiyama’s senior, Masahiko Kondo (46)

“(Higashiyama) had come to me for advice before and I had suggested that it was probably a good time considering both of their ages.  He came to my place the other day to tell me about his decision, and I also got a nice letter from Kimura-san.  I feel like the two of them will grow stronger together, and I hope this will have a positive effect on their careers from now on.”

Higashiyama’s junior, Shigeru Joshima (39), TOKIO

“I’ve always admired you, and the advice you had given me, “treat practices like it’s the actual performance, and the performance like it’s a practice,” has become my motto.  I hope you’ll always be our Shonentai!”

Masayuki Sakamoto (39), V6

“Congratulations on your marriage!  A very big congratulations!  No matter how many tens of hundreds of times I say it, it’s still not enough to describe how happy I’m feeling!”

Koichi Domoto (31), KinKi Kids

“You’ve been the senior I admire and I was extremely happy to hear about this amazing news.  I hope you grow to have a wonderful family and continue to inspire the rest of us as an entertainer!”

Masahiro Matsuoka (33), TOKIO, co-star in “必殺仕事人2010 (Hissatsu Shigoto-nin 2010)”

“As your junior, there is nothing that could make me happier and I offer you my greatest congratulations.  I look forward to working with you again some day.  I wish you all the happiness in the future!”




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