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Jin Akanishi reportedly recording in LA, but it’s not a job

10:27 JST June 3, 2012 3 comments

Meisa Kuroki’s taiga drama role and Jin Akanishi’s personal recording trip to LA are beginning to suggest gaps in their careers, reports Shukan Bunshun.

The June 7 edition of the weekly magazine has reported Kuroki’s career has not been badly affected as previously feared.  The actress will begin filming for NHK’s taiga drama “八重の桜 (Yae no Sakura)” in February, four months after her baby is due.

“Kuroki belongs to Sweet Power Agency, which looks after popular beauties like Rina Uchiyama and Maki Horikita.  Ignoring the rules of the showbiz industry and reporting about her marriage afterwards infuriated the agency.  Of course, one would usually need to make a formal apology to commercial clients and pay for damages, but Akanishi and Kuroki let is pass with a ‘what’s wrong with what we did’ attitude.  It’s only expected that they would be sidelined,” said one source belonging to a major advertising agency.

However, now we are beginning to see some differences.

It has been reported there were fears Subaru might drop Kuroki from their sports car line since their main target audience was not pregnant women, but as a matter in fact the reaction has been positive.

“She’s been getting commercial offers even after getting pregnant.  Kuroki gets at least 20 million yen (about US$200,000) per commercial contract.  She’s exceptional in that she brings an exotic and ‘it factor’ presence, so she would not have a problem earning an income in showbiz,” said the same source.

On the other hand Akanishi has got a lot of problems to overcome before he can move forward.  While he had been causing trouble since leaving KAT-TUN, under the watchful eye of Johnny Kitagawa he had made it to his solo debut and was preparing to make it in the US.  However, it has been reported Mr Kitagawa has turned his back on Akanishi following his marriage.

“Johnny’s have put him aside.  At the moment Akanishi is in LA doing some recording.  But that isn’t a job for Johnny’s, he’s there for his own interest.  But if something bad comes out of it, there’s a chance Johnny’s might fire him,” said one source.

“[Akanishi relies on his wife, Meisa, but] he’s like her attendant.  He’ll go with her to her home in Okinawa, go to izakaya with her, listen to her complaints.  He joins her when she goes baby goods shopping.  He even goes to the hairdresser’s with her and showers her with compliments like, ‘that look looks good on you’.  It’s something unimaginable when you think back to his bad boy days,” said one acquaintance.

Jin Akanishi dropped from drama

11:09 JST April 16, 2012 4 comments

Johnny’s talent Jin Akanishi had been cast as the lead for a drama scheduled to start in July but has been dropped, it was revealed on April 14, reports Nikkan Sports.

It has been reported Akanishi’s agency Johnny’s & Associates had asked producers to drop him, and it is another punishment for the talent’s sudden marriage to Meisa Kuroki.  It is another blow to the talent, who has already had his national tour cancelled.

The drama in question is a remake of the highly-popular “GTO” series, a live action drama made in 1998 based on the popular manga series about an ex-gang member who becomes a high school teacher.  Akanishi had been cast as the lead character before he and Kuroki announced they had gotten married on February 2.

It has been reported Johnny’s had talked to the drama’s producers at Kansai TV early last month, and after some discussions between the two parties they had made their final decision by the end of March.  When Nikkan Sports reporters went to ask for an interview, a Kansai TV representative had said they had nothing to comment about, neither denying or confirming the news.  However, it has been reported a source within the TV company had said the report was true.

“I had heard Akanishi-san was one of the leading candidates for the role, but it’s been made quite clear he’s out of the picture now,” the source said.

“GTO” would have been Akanishi’s first leading drama role since “Yukan Club” five years ago.  It has been reported the TV company is moving ahead with production, and have already started auditioning actors to play school students.

Now, Akanishi’s schedule for the near future is blank.  For the 27-year-old talent who said he left KAT-TUN because he hated how his own ambitions were causing the others trouble, this could be his toughest lesson yet.


Meisa Kuroki makes it official that she is pregnant

Meisa Kuroki (photo thanks to Sports Hochi)

Actress Meisa Kuroki made an official announcement on April 14 saying her baby is due around mid-October, reports Sports Hochi.

“I hope my husband and I can work together to give our baby as much love as possible,” she said.

It has been almost two months since Kuroki and Johnny’s talent Jin Akanishi had gotten married, but finally the actress had sent out a handwritten statement to media companies by fax.

“I would like to report that I have been gifted with a new life and am now four months pregnant.”

It has been reported Kuroki’s agency had not made any announcements until now, but have now said she is in a stable period.  Kuroki had been having trouble coping with morning sickness, and after discussing things over with her doctor, they had decided not to make an official statement until she was feeling better.

Now feeling a lot better physically and mentally, Kuroki had said she was looking forward to becoming a mother.

“I’m very sorry for not being able to explain myself properly until now.  I feel full with a sense of responsibility (for my baby),” she said.

It has been reported the time Kuroki will take a break from work has not been finalised, but for now she will appear in a stage play in Tokyo on May 12 and 13, and then work mainly on commercials until her baby is due.

Johnny’s & Associates have also admitted Akanishi is the father, but have said they and Akanishi will not release a formal statement for the time being.

Jin Akanishi’s Japan tour cancelled as penalty for marrying without telling agency

17:40 JST March 27, 2012 Leave a comment

No national tour, paying fines out of his own pocket, and no jobs for the time being is the price Jin Akanishi has to pay for getting married without permission, it was announced on March 24, reports Sports Hochi and Nikkan Sports.


“I understand that as a working adult I have acted irresponsibly.  I deeply apologise to my fans and the people I work with for all of the trouble I have caused,” Akanishi said in a written statement.


It has been reported Akanishi had married actress Meisa Kuroki in February, only telling his agency about it afterwards.  Johnny’s however, were not impressed.  The agency’s president Johnny Kitagawa had previously told reporters he had found out about the marriage on the news, and although getting married was a great thing, he said Akanishi should have thought twice about the consequences the news would have on his and Kuroki’s career.


As a penalty, his Japan tour which was supposed to go around Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka has been cancelled.  Any fines, such as for canceling concert venue bookings, will be paid out of Akanishi’s own pockets.  While the talent will not have to refund fans for their tickets since they have not gone on sale, arena concert venues typically charge one to two-million yen for canceling a booking.  In a worst case scenario, Akanishi would need to pay tens-of-millions-of-yen.  It has been reported the talent has also had some drama roles offered to him, including a role in the upcoming remake of “GTO” planned for July, but the agency has not accepted anything yet, emphasizing the talent’s schedule remains.  The penalty given to him reflects the trouble caused to Kuroki’s agency, their sponsors, and his own agency.

“Johnny’s & Associates talent Jin Akanishi admits the press reports from February 9 are true and that he married on Feburary 2.  Akanishi has sent a fax to those who are concerned explaining the situation,” a representative from Johnny’s said.



Meisa Kuroki made her first public appearance since getting married in February, taking part in an event in Tokyo on March 26, reports Chunichi Sports.


Wearing skinny white pants and 10-centimetre high heels, the actress bowed to reporters who wished her congratulations.  Yesterday, Kuroki was promoting toy company Bandai’s new pet robot.


The actress herself has not been seen since January when rumours started going around about her seeing Jin Akanishi.  Any events or TV shows in the past two months have been canceled.  There is also a rumour going around the actress is three months pregnant.

“I imagine that the sudden news took many of you by surprise, and it also made many worried and caused a lot of trouble.  I would like to announce that on February 2 I was officially married,” she said.

“Are you happy,” asked the event host.

“Thank you very much,” she said.

“Are you enjoying every day,” asked a reporter.



When asked whether she was tired or not, the actress assured everyone she was fine and did not talk about anything related to being pregnant.

“I will report to you again,” she said when leaving.

Meisa Kuroki at yesterday's event (photo source:


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