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Jin Akanishi might get in trouble for photo his brother uploaded to Twitter

10:29 JST September 7, 2012 7 comments

Rumour has it Johnny’s is not happy about Leo Akanishi uploading a photo of him hanging out with Kanjani8’s Ryo Nishikido and ex-Johnny’s talent Hironori Kusano, reports Johnny’s Watcher.


Gekiura! Geino Japan reports the Twitter photo uploaded on September 4 shows Leo with his friends, two of who look very much like Nishikido and Kusano.

“I’ve heard that the executives at Johnny’s are really mad, and that they’ve asked Akanishi to tell his brother to delete the photo.  But Nishikido’s photo is still on the internet because Leo thinks he doesn’t have to delete it if it’s on his own personal account.  With his movie in trouble, a shotgun wedding, and this, Jin Akanishi’s Johnny’s career might be over now,” one popstar magazine editor said.


Johnny’s have a strict rule against publishing any unofficial photos of their talents.  But it has been reported the photo might have been uploaded deliberately to help ex-NEWS member and former Johnny’s talent Kusano.  A few days ago, Kusano had launched his website, and he also belongs to an agency set up by people with connections to Akanishi.  It could be possible the photo was a publicity stunt.


But either way, it is very possible Jin Akanishi will get punished in some way.  Even if the agency does not fire him, is it too much to say Akanishi might start thinking about leaving the agency himself?

TOKIO leader advises Ryo Nishikido not to pull an Akanishi in real life

12:33 JST April 17, 2012 3 comments

Weddings were all the talk at a press conference in Tokyo on April 16 for Kanjani8’s Ryo Nishikido’s upcoming drama series “パパドル! (Papadol!)“, reports Sports Hochi.

It has been reported Nishikido came out wearing a white tuxedo, and his drama co-star Yuka in a white wedding dress.  The press conference venue was inside the chapel at Tokyo’s Shinagawa Prince Hotel.

“I’ve seen other people’s weddings before, but my first reaction was that [the aisle] is shorter than I had imagined,” Nishikido said.

In the drama, Nishikido plays a fictional version of himself, pop star “Ryo Nishikido”, who falls in love with a single mother with three children and gets married to her.

“I think pop stars deserve some kind of congratulations when they get married.  I’m a coward in real life so I think ‘me’ in this drama is so cool to be able to take that risk,” he said.

When asked whether he was confident he could hide a secret marriage in real life, Nishikido said it was not up to him.

“It depends whether you the press can find out.”

It was difficult not to think of Nishikido’s fellow Johnny’s talent, Jin Akanishi, who had announced his sudden marriage to actress Meisa Kuroki in February, and is now paying the price with a cancelled tour and being dropped by a drama series.

TOKIO leader Shigeru Joshima, who plays a retired pop star, and Naomi Zaizen, who plays Kanjani8’s manager in the drama, both had simple advice for Nishikido.

“Let Johnny-san know,” Joshima said.

“I think you should let your manager know first,” Zaizen said.

Ryo Nishikido marries a single mother in upcoming drama

11:15 JST February 28, 2012 2 comments

Kanjani8 members and even Johnny’s & Associates will pop up in Ryo Nishikido’s next drama series where he will play himself, it was revealed on February 27, reports The TV and Nikkan Sports.


“パパはアイドル! (Papa wa Idol!)” is a male version of the 1987 drama series “ママはアイドル! (Mama wa Idol!)”.  The comedy follows pop star Ryo Nishikido, who gets married to a single mother with three kids, and he goes to all lengths to win their acceptance.  However, his talent agency Johnny’s orders that he either must divorce or retire within three months, and if words gets out he is married then he will be asked to retire immediately.


It has been reported Nishikido had said playing himself would be a new experience.
“I feel nervous about it, but I think there’s a lot I can learn.  It’ll be fun shoot it and see the difference between how people see me and how I see myself.”


The Kanjani8 star said he hoped the other members would be themselves, but not too much.

“The other members are coming on as themselves too.  I hope us losers won’t put off the people watching the show…  But I just think it would be best if they all acted as themselves,” he said.


According to some sources at TV company TBS, who are making the drama, the drama will be as true as it can be to Nishikido’s and other pop stars’ real-life schedule.


Other real-life appearances will include actors, talents, and musicians.


Some of the people who will not be making real-life appearances include Kanjani8’s managers.


Finally, with the drama beginning with Ryo Nishikido’s sudden marriage, what are the chances of it happening in real life?

“Honestly, I can’t see it happening.  But when we wrap up the series, I might have something to say about it,” Nishikido said.

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