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Kanjani8’s Ryuhei Maruyama dons mohican hairdo for drama

11:48 JST July 27, 2012 3 comments

Johnny’s talent Ryuhei Maruyama sports a mohican hairstyle for episode 4 of his drama “Boys On The Run“, Sponichi Annex reports on July 27.


By the way, it is only a wig.  But the makeup team did such a good job, Maruyama had said it looks just as real.

“When I looked at myself in the mirror, it was unlike anything I’d ever seen!!”


It has been reported episode 4 of the talent’s drama shows Maruyama’s character in a showdown with his main competition, and in order to show how serious he is, he dons a Robert-De-Niro-in-the-1976-movie-Taxi-Driver mohican hairdo.

“I’m happy I got to do this.  Because of the job I do, I’m not able to change my hairstyle this radically, and I’m not the type that tries out really different hairstyles either.  I really like this look,” Maruyama said.


Fans too, can expect to be surprised too.

“All the staff were surprised so I think everyone watching the drama will be in for a shock too,” he said.


Episode 4 of “Boys On The Run” goes on air on August 3.

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Ryuhei Maruyama on Boys on the Run

16:14 JST July 23, 2012 1 comment

Interview with Kanjani8’s Ryuhei Maruyama in Yomiuri Shimbun, published on July 23.


He does not stand out at work, and none of the ladies go for him.  He has low self-esteem and gets stomach cramps when he gets too nervous.  Tanishi is a typical worthless man character, the complete opposite to a Johnny’s talent.  But the pop star who plays Tanishi says there is a bit of the Tanishi inside of him.


He says he cannot get used to being under pressure.  There are even times where he has forgotten his lines during stage musical performances and has played the wrong music during concerts.  But it is these experiences the Johnny’s talent is channeling into his portrayal of Tanishi.

“Tanishi admits to his mistakes, and moves forward.  The way he struggles is something I can relate to.  He has more power than you’d expect.  When I’m acting him I overdo his expressions, so when he runs, I run with everything I have.”


With one regular Kanjani8 TV series, and his first lead role in a drama series, things seem to be getting better for Maruyama, but according to the talent that is not good enough.

“There’s no point in ‘you’re becoming popular’, it’s more important to keep that popularity constant.  You have to work as hard as you can, even if you lose sometimes.  It’s about aiming higher.”


Facing harsh reality with his head up high, it almost makes you want to give him an extra push as you watch him confront another wall in life.



Q: If you weren’t in showbiz, what do you think you would be doing right now?

A: My parents are Japanese drum makers so I’d probably be making drums.  But I’ve been doing this job since I was 13 and there’s nothing that could substitute for it.  I’ll do my best to avoid getting fired.

Q:  What is something you always carry with you?

A: This silver ring I bought at the end of last year.  Sometimes I’ll look at it and think, “right, let’s do this”.  It’s my lucky charm.

Q: What do you want to do this summer?

A: Go on a family vacation.  And have a party with this drama’s team.  I want to drink and have a good time acting like an idiot.

Q: What’s your favourite manga?

A: Lately I’ve gotten into reading Inio Asano’s “おやすみプンプン (Oyasumi Pun-pun)”.  The drawings are funny, but they have a lot of character.


Boys on the Run” is on every Friday night on TV Asahi.


Kanjani8’s Ryuhei Maruyama beats former pro boxer at boxing game

11:33 JST June 29, 2012 2 comments

Kanjani8’s Ryuhei Maruyama and his drama co-stars started punching sand bags in front of the press on June 28 to see which of them was a better boxer, reports Daily Sports Online and Walker plus news.


Maruyama plays a virgin learning to box in his upcoming drama series “Boys On The Run“, which is based on the manga series of the same name.  Other cast members include KAT-TUN’s Tatsuya Ueda, Akina Minami, Eriko Sato, and Takanori Jinnai.

“We’re working on a drama during a particularly tough time (with the Olympics starting in July), but I think this story is just as entertaining.  I just watched through the first episode and it’s like watching something that has so many things packed into it.  Try watching even the first episode please,” Maruyama said.


It has been reported during their promotional press conference in Tokyo on Thursday, a punching machine was brought out to see how good the actors were at boxing.  Special guest and former WBC bantamweight boxing champion Yasuei Yakushiji set the first record, throwing 195 punches in 30 seconds.  KAT-TUN’s Ueda scored 172 punches, while Maruyama scored 269 punches.

“I’m sorry, while watching you guys I got an idea about what works best,” he said.


Another question thrown at the cast was about which actress they found most attractive.

“I’d choose Shiho-san (played by Sato).  She has a kind of older-woman seductiveness, she’s open-minded.  She’s the best female character who says the right thing and it sticks in your mind, so I think that makes her a very amazing lady,” Maruyama said.

“The one lady who I can really trust as a trainer is Hana-san (played by Airi Taira), but then the ladies next to me (Minami and Sato) are really pretty too…  They’re all too beautiful that I couldn’t choose,” Ueda said.

“What are you, some pure-hearted teen idol!” Maruyama said in response to Ueda’s comment.


“Boys On The Run” begins on July 6.

Kanjani8’s Maruyama to star in police drama

11:31 JST June 13, 2011 2 comments

Kanjani8’s Ryuhei Maruyama is going to play a police investigator in upcoming drama series “ストロベリーナイト (Strawberry Night)”, it was revealed on June 12, reports Sankei Sports and Oricon.


It has been reported Maruyama will play detective Yuda, a member of a murder investigation team lead by a woman detective.  The drama’s main character, the team leader, will be played by actress Yuko Takeuchi.  “Strawberry Night” is based on popular book series of the same name, written by Tetsuya Honda.  It is also the first police drama Maruyama will work on.


“I feel nervous about being able to play a part in a drama that’s based on such a popular book.

“I hope I can stay in character as senior policeman Yuda, make sure I enjoy becoming what he is and how he lives,” said Maruyama.


It has been reported detective Yuda will be the bright, mood-maker of the investigation team.  26-years-old Yuda is new to the team, and has been training as a policeman ever since graduating from high school, influenced by his policeman father.


Maruyama has been a busy actor lately, having finished playing the lead in the theatre show “Gilbert Grape” in January, and securing a role in next year’s “Wild7” movie.  It has been reported the drama’s producers had cast Maruyama because he was a Kanjani8 member who shows high acting potential.


The drama will go on air in Japan from January 2012.

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Ryuhei Maruyama gets first movie role

23:58 JST April 24, 2011 2 comments

Thing are set to get a little wild as Kanjani8’s Ryuhei Maruyama (27) tackles his first movie based on manga series about a group of crime-fighting motorcyclists, it was revealed on April 23, reports Daily Sports Online and Cinema Today.

“Wild7” is a manga series by Mikiya Mochizuki and was published in Japan during the 1960s and 1970s.  The story follows seven reformed criminals who turn into the ultimate crime-fighting team on motorcyles.  Actor Eita (28) will play the lead role while Maruyama will be the Wild7 team’s mechanical and explosives expert who is one quarter American.  Having learned about explosives from his American military grandfather, パイロウ (Pairo) finds he has a talent for it, and makes his first explosive weapon when he’s 13-years-old.  He sets the bomb off, injuring some people in his neighbourhood and getting his arrested for the first time.  Even after being freed, Pairo blows up a jumbo jet, and then a police car, killing both policemen inside.  A true explosives maniac.

In preparation for the role, it has been reported Maruyama had already gotten his medium-sized motorcycle and motorcycle driver licenses in March.

“I’m excited about being able to take on the challenge of starring in a movie for the first time.  There’s going to be things like sidecar motorcycles, guns, and huge explosions.  I hope I can show a wild side of me never before seen,” he said.

No details about the movie’s release date have been announced, but it has been reported to be around the end of this winter.

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Ryuhei Maruyama enjoying his first stage show

10:21 JST January 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Kanjani8’s Ryuhei Maruyama (27) said he cannot wait to see how fans react to his first stage play “Gilbert Grape”, which began shows at The Globe Tokyo on January 16, reports Sankei Sports, Sponichi Annex.


It is the first time the novel-turned-feature-film of “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” has become a stage play, which looks at the life of country boy Gilbert Grape and his family.  Maruyama plays the main character Gilbert, getting his first on-stage kiss scene with co-star Tomoka Kurokawa (21) and affair scene with Yuko Itoo (36).  On top of this, Maruyama also narrates the play, meaning he is needed on stage for most of the show’s 2-and-a-half hours.


It has been reported at a press conference before his first show, Maruyama said he had found stage acting addictive and could not wait to go on stage.

“I can’t wait to see how the audience reacts,” he said.


Maruyama also said the large number of lines he had had to memorise was not as troublesome as some people may have thought.

“I did think there were a lot of lines at first, but to be honest, it’s fun.  It’s hard work, but then I get a bigger sense of achievement too,” he said.


Maruyama’s co-star Itoo chatted about what it was like working with the first-time stage actor.

“He’s such a good boy.  Even when we go out for drinks, he’s such a good boy,” she said.

The Johnny’s talent, however, took the compliment a different way.

“She’s like the big sister that lives down your street.  Itoo-san always tells me, ‘you’re such a good boy’, but I’m scared she’s saying it because she actually thinks I’m unreliable,” he said.


“Gilbert Grape” will continue performances in Tokyo until February 6 before moving onto shows in Osaka.

Gilbert Grape stage show poster (thanks to The Globe Tokyo)

Ryuhei Maruyama wants to confidently say he’s a pop star (translation)

22:03 JST January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

週刊朝日 Asahi Weekly magazine

January 21 2011 edition

Ryuhei Maruyama (Kanjani8) faces a new challenge with his upcoming stage play “Gilbert Grape”,  the world’s first stage adaptation of the novel, which has already been turned into a movie starring Johnny Depp.

“I want to be able to say, ‘I’m a pop star!’ with pride.”

“I always wanted to have more work so I’m having a lot of fun right now.  I get excited every day trying to guess what I’m going to do next.”

Maruyama is part of the seven-member group Kanjani8 who have just gone around the country on their concert tour, he’s been working on his TV drama, and he’s begun preparing for his upcoming stage play of Gilbert Grape.

When we asked him whether this was the busiest he’s ever been since making his debut, the star put on a huge smile.

“But wouldn’t you be happy if your schedule was full up?”

In his band, Maruyama plays bass guitar, but when he had joined his agency he was a guitarist.

“(My agency’s president) Johnny-san told me, ‘you’re big so you should play bass’.  And this is a world where if you don’t do what you’re told, you won’t survive….(My drama co-star) Daisuke Shima-san told me, ‘it must be hard being a pop star today because no one accepts you unless you’re real’.”

While the star constantly smiles and brightens up the room, Maruyama said he does not do it alone.

“It’s because the people around me create that kind of environment.”

The Johnny’s star also talked about the challenges facing him today.

“With plays it’s important to make your dialogue and your movements convey your emotions.  It’s the same with dancing and instruments, it’s not fun unless you’re trying to get something across to people.  My future ambitions?  I want to do as many plays and TV shows and sing songs and dance.  When someone asks me, ‘is this what a pop star does?’, I want to be able to say, ‘of course, I’m a pop star!’ with pride (laughs).”

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