テゴマス・Tegomass・Tegomassu PROFILE

(name – age – birthdate (dd/mm/yy))

増田 貴久 Takahisa Masuda, 26 (04/07/1986)

手越 祐也 Yuya Tegoshi, 24 (11/11/1987)


ミソスープ(Miso soup) – Released 20/12/2006

キッス〜帰り道のラブソング〜(Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song~) – Released 16/05/2007

アイアイ傘(Aiai gasa) – Released 18/06/2008

七夕祭り(Tanabata Matsuri) – Released 08/07/2009

青いベンチ (Aoi Bench) – Released 16/02/2011


テゴマスのうた(Tegomass no Uta) – Released 15/07/2009

テゴマスのあい(Tegomass no Ai) – mini album – Released 21/04/2010

テゴマスのまほう (Tegomass no Mahou) – Released 19/10/2011


テゴマス1st LIVE TOUR 2009〜テゴマスのうた〜 (Tegomass 1st LIVE TOUR 2009 ~Tegomass no Uta~) – Released 20/01/2010

テゴマス 2ndライブテゴマスのあい (Tegomass 2nd Live Tegomass no Ai) – Released 11/05/2011

テゴマス 3rd ライブ テゴマスのまほう (Tegomass 3rd Live  Tegomass no Mahou) – Released 25/04/2012

* Thanks to Johnny’s Net www.johnnys-net.jp for all of the above information
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